Mind Your Business — for you & the community!  Every local business is a feather in East Falls’ cap. Neighbors make the best customers and even better word-of-mouth-advertising. You’re the home team: when you shine, we shine.

Good business makes great news for the neighborhood.  East Falls Local supplements your traditional advertising with a FREE personal profiles from our unique “insider” viewpoint.

Fill out our questionnaire, and we’ll spin a fun post for our 3.5k+ followers to enjoy, and add your listing to EastFallsInsider.com. If your story’s really good, we might even print it in East Falls Local’s popular free monthly.

Thank you for your content! Our readers appreciate scoop on neighborhood resources, it’s our pleasure to spread the word. Don’t sweat your answers — we’ll send you a link for edits before we broadcast.

FYI: East  Falls Local isn’t just about East Falls. We serve our whole Wissahickon-y corner of NW Philadelphia:  Roxborough/Manayunk, Mt Airy, Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Allegheny… even up City Ave in Bala Cynwyd.  Neighbors these days don’t exist in a bubble. We cross borders to cover the area like a long-time resident-in-the-know.

Questions? Email editor (at) EastFallsLocal.com (or call/text 215-498-8874).

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