Hello, guests! Thank you for your RSVP for Miami Days & Nights. We’re looking forward to a great turnout — over 1600 neighbors have registered, plus 1400 residents in Alden Park. Please get familiar with this information now, to help the day flow as smoothly as possible.

Welcome to this remarkable historic property but please remember these towers and grounds are people’s homes. Alden Park will remove anyone immediately if they suspect any funny business. Rules are attached for review, and signature. You’ll also be asked to sign a liability waiver.  You can speed the process by printing out these Word documents to present with your ID when you arrive.

EVERYONE MUST PRESENT A VALID ID FOR BRACELET. If you do not have an ID, you will be denied entry. If you forgot your ID at home, you still can’t get in. There will be no exceptions (besides kids).

EVERYONE MUST WEAR A BRACELET. If you are not wearing a bracelet, you will be asked to register immediately or removed from the property. One bracelet per ID. Make sure you bring your ID or you won’t be able to get a bracelet. Did we mention there were no exceptions?

Wait, except babies and little kids at Miami Days. But you get the idea. BTW, you can come & go with the bracelet so you can go home & change for Miami Nights if you want to.

Thank you again coming out to Miami Days & Nights! Here’s what’s where tomorrow:

SITE MAP: Please see attached map for an overview of noteworthy locations and attractions.

PARKING: Cars will enter Alden Park through the driveway on Wissahickon Avenue, past the main entrance and flanked by two guardhouses. You’ll be directed where to park upon arrival.

Street parking is also available — see the map above. Plus a Google Maps link with two parking lots on PhillyU/JeffersonU’s campus that are open for guests (stay in those lots or you can get towed).

UBER/LYFT: GPS will lead drivers to Alden Park’s main entrance on at Wissahickon & Chelton Aves. It’s a circular drive that’s perfect for drop-off and pick-up. From here, you can check-in for the party through the Manor building or walk down to the driveway check-in.

REGISTRATION:  Check in at Alden Park’s main entrance or enter thru the driveway, where several kiosks will be staffed to bracelet you as soon as possible. Every guest must present a valid ID for a bracelet they must wear the entire party. If you are caught not wearing a bracelet, you will be escorted to a registration kiosk and if you cannot present ID you will be escorted off the property.

To speed sign-in, you can print up Alden Park’s three forms ahead of time and bring them to the party with your ID. Download these forms here  (plus site & parking maps, too, if you wish):

  1. Alden Park Check In and Rules (please fill out & sign this brief form)
  2. Alden Park Waiver and Liability release (sign)

NO PRINTER? You do not need to present forms, but having your check-in papers ready will help speed you through any entry lines.

**Every guest must fill out the Check-In form, and sign the rules, and sign the waiver. You cannot put more than one name on these forms.**

REFRESHMENTS: No outside food or water on the property! Water & fruit juice provided by Core Hydration, plus a whole local food fest of small plates to enjoy.

SEATING: Bring blankets and camp chairs if you’re gonna be here awhile. Alden Park has fantastic grassy hills for spreading out & lounging in the sun or under the stars.

SWIMMING: No lifeguard will be on duty, just pool monitors. If you’ll be swimming, bring a towel.

GOODIE BAGS: Please see the Information Tent by the outdoor pool to pick up your goodie bag.

TOURS: Group tours will gather at the Information Tent and also at Kenilworth’s lobby.

PHOTOS: East Falls Local photographers will be roaming the party. Pictures may be shared on social media. Please feel free to take as many photos as you like — and tag us @EastFallsLocal and @alden_park.

WHAT IF…??  Alden Park staff will be wearing bright orange hats, and EFL volunteers will have “Event Staff” lanyards. If you’ve got any questions or concerns while at Miami Days & Nights, please look for the orange caps and lanyards!

VOLUNTEERS:  You should also have a separate email with specific instructions on when & where to report. Please email editor@EastFallsLocal.com if you have not yet received it.

If you have any questions, please see Carolyn in the Information Tent.

FEATURES & ATTRACTIONS: Site map shows general location of attractions, most clustered around the pools between Manor & Cambridge towers, but you’ll find some very special surprises up the road in Kenilworth, too, including a free cider tasting.

Alden Park history

Classic cars with Roxborough Ridge Runners

Cuban menu for Miami Nights

Local food fest for Miami Days

Meet the band

Swimsuit models by the pool

“Friends of Barnes” art exhibit

Metal sculpture by Sandra Webberking

Runway models for Miami Nights


Drew Montemayor

SplashLab Arts

Windfall Gallery

Sandra Webberking

Koco Nails

Stephen Goldstein

Joe Minardi

Young American Cider

Smoke Cigars

Wolven Threads

Material Culture

Jovan O’Connor

Poised Society

John Bayeux (New York Life)

Sass on Canvas

Jewel Journey

Little White Dog

Soap by Alana

Jewelry With Me

Thank you again for your RSVP. Miami Days and Nights begins tomorrow at noon. If you have any questions, please email editor@EastFallsLocal.com or see Carolyn at the Information Tent.

Have a great night and we’ll see you soon for some South Beach fun in the Falls.