3/30/17 UPDATE: We are sad to report that Emma’s owners have announced the search is off. Our thoughts go out to her family in their time of loss. 

Original Post March 12, 2017: Lost beagle/shepherd mix on the border of East Falls and Germantown. Heart-broken owners have been searching since Thursday. 

After seeing frantic Facebook posts this weekend about a runaway rescue named Emma, the Pack Walk detoured through and around Cloverly Park, where she was last seen. Maybe one of the dogs could sniff her out or lure her from hiding? No dice, unfortunately.

We did, however, run into the owner Patrick and his mother who were still canvasing the area, desperate for a sign of their beloved girl. Patrick & his girlfriend Zoe followed up with all the details in an email that we hope will help bring Emma home soon.

Email to EastFallsLocal.com 3/12/17:

On about 2:30 pm on Thursday 3/9 maintenance workers entered our apartment on West Coulter and Midvale ave and let Emma out. Patrick and I were not home at the time.

They claim they saw her run down Laurens street toward Cloverly Park.  There was a possible sighting at 9:30 AM on 3/10 at Cloverly Park, however we heard that information 3rd hand and do not know if it was credible. Other than that there have been no sightings.

Emma is black & tan, 35-ish lbs, and about 3 years old. My boyfriend got her a little over a year ago from a rescue organization. At the the time he was undergoing chemotherapy and Emma helped him through the toughest time of his life.

She is an extremely sweet dog but is generally shy around new people, specifically men. If she is approached (especially by a man) she will most likely run away. But she is very food-motivated, so the best thing people can do is lure her with food/treats, NOT chase her or try to grab her, and call us as soon as they see her. 

We have put out a few articles of clothing outside our apartment, and also some near Cloverly Park since that is where we always walk her and she is very familiar with that area. She does not like busy streets so our best guess is that she is still within a few blocks of the apartment. She has never run away before and is not the type of dog to bolt or wander away.

We truly believe if someone has not taken her in, that she is still close by. She always lays under our kitchen table and coffee table, so we think she is probably seeking shelter under a porch or somewhere in a back yard. If you live in the area, please thoroughly check your yards and under porches.

Thank you everyone for your help and continued support!

Zoe & Patrick

Our hearts go out to Emma’s family, as we hold out hope for her safe return. Miracles happen, especially when local dog lovers mobilize. Please share Emma’s info if you can, and keep your eyes peeled for this lost little girl.

IF YOU SEE HER: text/call 267-229-5112 and 267-515-8362 — if you can’t catch her, even just a photo will help.

R E W A R D ! ! !

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