Full House in the Falls


East Falls brought the love to the first-ever Philly Theatre Week! 

Coffee, pastries, and original local drama! Sold-out crowds for Play Appetizers, savory short plays at Vault + Vine’s lovely upstairs venue.

Play Appetizers featured three short plays, written by Philadelphia-area playwrights and performed by some of Philly’s finest actors. East Falls resident Kathy Anderson’s play, SISSY, was performed by Cathy Simpson and Darcel Caldwell and directed by Brey Ann Barrett, below.

Photos by Play Appetizers team & crowd

“East Falls welcomed us with open arms and a standing ovation!” said Kathy Anderson of the opening performance. “It’s amazing to have professional theatre right in the neighborhood in the gorgeous Vault + Vine.” Producer Sonya Aronowitz of Juniper Productions and East Fallser (!) Jill Harrison of Directors Gathering are responsible for bringing the event to our neighborhood.

GOD WAITS by Renee Lucas Wayne was performed by Jerrick Medrano, Daniel Ison, and Marissa Kennedy, directed by Elise D’Avella.

TURKEY BABY by Julie Zaffarano was performed by Casey Berner and Emma Gibson, directed by Lexa Grace.

Sissy performed by Cathy Simpson (l) and Darcel Caldwell (r)
God Waits performed by Jerrick Medrano (l), Daniel Ison (c), and Marissa Kennedy (r)
Turkey Baby performed by Casey Berner (l) and Emma Gibson (r)

What a Super way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon (or any afternoon for that matter),” audience member Kathy Petrone commented on Facebook, “Three really great, entertaining original plays. The actors — top notch!

Follow Juniper Productions on Facebook or their website. Big thanks to everyone who came out, here’s to more live theater events moving forward in the Falls!

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