The Local paper is independent & privately-owned, and is a product of East Falls Media LLC.

A free paper is a special kind of public space, where all different voices come together. We don’t compete with traditional news, we complement it with personal perspectives from outside mainstream bubbles. As a partner in WHYY’s News & Information Community Exchange (a grassroots media collaborative), we explore local issues that affect all residents, regardless of neighborhood: art, food, music, business, development, politics, safety, education, environment and more.

While our coverage has expanded to include content from these citywide partners, our focus remains on you, our Northwest Philly readers in East Falls, Germantown, Allegheny West, Wissahickon, Roxborough and vicinity. Every issue is curated for the neighbors we know best, living in one of the most diverse and inspiring parts of the city.

Our contributors come from throughout NW Philadelphia — reporters, community leaders and developers, as well as fiction & humor writers, memoirists, reviewers, and experts of all kinds. In addition to articles, we also welcome photos, cartoon, Q&A’s, demonstrations, and even video.

We reserve the right to edit as needed but our primary goal is to share different voices for our readers to connect with.