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Mayor Nutter’s favorite party tip, shared with one of the City’s best grassroots magazines in recent history.

Don’t forget the DJ! Great advice from the 98th mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, a former club DJ who once went by the handle Mixmaster Mike. Here he is, from a memorable interview with George Miller of the old Philly music quarterly Jump Magazine, explaining the important role that DJ’s play in any party. Holiday planners, take note:

You know, instead of making your own playlists on your MP3 player for a party, bring the real deal by hiring a DJ. There’s a serious art to it. You build people up a bit, then you ease off and bring ‘em back. It’s a series of peaks and valleys that really makes a great party. And no matter how good your playlist is, there’s something about mixed music in the middle of a party – it just makes it happen. Nothing like it.

Ready to amp up this year’s seasonal shindig? Philly is full of talented dj’s in all genres. PRO TIP: try for local listings for private entertainers, with various rates and services (plus personal reviews). You can also post your event specs and what you’re looking for, and local djs will send you bids. Support local music and slay your next party.

JUMP: The Philly Music Project (2011 – 2018)

JUMP was a free, glossy, full-color Philly magazine that used the lens of music to explore amazing people doing fantastic things in the City. Founded by Temple journalism professor George Miller and printed quarterly, it was an independent labor of love that featured great local writing and art, and they also produced live shows with incredible lineups of local talent. Such a loss, when they shuttered in 2018.

The good news is, all of JUMP’s editions remain available online – and it’s a pleasure to sift through them for big stars, back before they were household names. JUMP covered everyone, from hip-hop to hardcore punk. Fun Fact: the front & back covers of every edition featured two different performers so the magazine could be flipped to suit its venue.

JUMP Magazine was part of a local movement towards inclusive and voice-driven media that tried to fill the void left in Philly as popular news outlets (City Paper, Philly Weekly, the Germantown Courier , etc) closed and consolidated, shrinking coverage and limiting public expression. In the years since JUMP last published, this crisis has only gotten worse – today, a fifth of the US population lives in an area with either no local news, or a single outfit struggling to adequately serve a diversifying audience.

Of course, under-resourced communities are hit hardest, creating what many experts are calling a crisis for our democracy. Without robust local news, voter participation declines and corruption increases. People fall prey to misinformation, polarization, and conspiracy theories. Programs like WHYY’s News & Information Community Exchange aim to address this issue by supporting small, independent news outlets, but the problem is, without a sustainable business model there’s limited interest in investing actual dollars.

Perhaps one day, news & information will be valued as the critical resource it is, and subsidized so it’s free and accessible for everyone. Until then, JUMP Magazine remains an unforgettable highlight in modern Philly publishing history. Hop on for a musical walk down memory lane.

Thanks to George Miller for sharing this interview with us, and to WHYY’s N.I.C.E. program for providing us with this contact.

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