State of Emergency Declared for 6pm Whether It Snows or Not

East Falls Local NBC timeline for blizzard

Oooh! Hype! The National Weather Service is tossing words around like “historic,” “crippling,” “life-threatening” and “‘blizzard” to describe conditions headed our way in the Philadelphia area. The excitement began yesterday, as citizens jammed supermarkets and Swiss Farms drive-thrus, sweeping bread & milk off shelves like hoards of locusts.

East Falls Local 1-26 plow trucks at McDevitt

Hopefully, you’re ready to hunker down with your stash soon cause we’re 3 1/2 hours away from a State of Emergency. Earlier today, Mayor Nutter declared that as of 6 pm tonight, the city of Philadelphia will be requiring all non-essential workers to stay home, and in addition residents on Emergency Snow Routes need to remove vehicles from the streets or face immediate towing and ticketing.

Check if you live on/near an Emergency Snow Route HERE.

Frankly, feels a little weird to be declaring a “State of Emergency” when we’ve hardly more than a dusting on the ground, but with up to 18 inches predicted — as well as winds up to 30 mph — it’s not hard to see why Philly’s playing it safe.

Right now, roads are clear, with snow plows & salt trucks standing by.  Still time to dash out for any last minute supplies.

1-26 snow maiden sake

Hungry Blogger Blizzard Tip #1:  In case of power outage, make sure you’ve got a gas or charcoal grill handy, as well as fixin’s for the meat in your freezer — plus beans & peppers to make a chili with any leftovers. PS it’s a great time to buy a gallon of ice cream just in case you “have” to eat it all or it’ll melt, ha.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #snowmageddon2015 trends like wildfire — look for our #iwitnessweather tweets for regular pics as we make our rounds around EastFalls over the next 24 – 38 hours. Stay safe, East Falls!

TUESDAY MORNING UPDATE:  Welp, that was a bust.

East Falls Local 1-27 Blizzard of 2015

Our “life-threatening blizzard” barely dusted the region, with accumulation in our immediate area — scientifically measured with a carpenter’s ruler outside our front door — looks to be about an inch, maybe little less. One of those sad snows where tips of grass poke through:  spotty coverage, sigh.

Meteorologists are apologizing already, seems no one wants to be the next Bolaris

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