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In April 2014, writers Steve and Carolyn Fillmore started EastFallsHouse.com to research the history and follow the restoration of Hohenadel Mansion on Indian Queen Lane.

After noticing the house’s “SOLD” sign in March, on a whim they asked the realtor to pass their info onto the new owners: Would they want to talk about their driveway maybe being a stop in a dog-friendly “Pup Crawl” fundraiser idea the Dog Park Group was kicking around? While the event never happened (yet!), the Fillmores instantly connected with the home’s new owners’ appreciation for local history and grass-roots community improvements.

Boldly and perhaps inappropriately, the Fillmores asked Sean and Felicite if they could blog about them and were rewarded with carte blanche! Soon they were digging into the home’s past, bothering the contractors, and creeping about the property in all sorts of daylight, snapping photos.

Over the next six months, EastFallsHouse.com documented privy diggers, secret passages and mysterious murals, along with steam punk potties, antique newel posts and a chandelier that may or may not have once hung in the home’s original great room. Efforts culminated in East Falls House Party, October 2014, which filled the mansion with revelers and highlighted a need for more neighborhood celebrations.

Meanwhile, Steve Fillmore stepped up as president of East Falls Historical Society, and also the organization’s new webmaster. On EastFallsHistoricalSociety.com’s blog, Steve & Carolyn share their EastFallsHouse.com articles as well as posts about East Falls History in general. 

EastFallsLocal.com is a natural extension of their curiosity about and fascination with East Falls: its dynamic blend of diverse, literate, family-oriented individuals who feel truly invested in the community.

With relevant & transparent dialogue about “East Falls for all’s,” Steve, Carolyn and their contributors aim to foster common ground and understanding of different viewpoints.

East Falls needs an open, positive forum for every voice, from the mansions off Henry to the renters in our public housing (and everyone in between). Thank you for your support and participation.


  1. Gina Snyder introduced you to my wife and me at Epicure, just as you were getting up to leave.

    Nice blog, with info that isn’t being covered by the hardcopy media.

    FYI, I’m not sure your Facebook link is working — it’s just spinning away as I type this. I liked you by logging into Facebook directly, however.

  2. Hi,

    I lived in East Falls a long time ago, 1946-1968, on Vaux Street, and then on Midvale Avenue. I attended Ravenhill and graduated in1964. It was an idyllic childhood in East Falls, and I treasure the memories. My best friend lived on Ainslie St., and we used to skate up and down the streets, no worry about speeding cars in those days. Every family relied on the Tilden Market for bread, milk, and eggs, and Al’s Drugstore for band-aids and comic books. We went to Bob’s on lower Tilden for sodas. I would love to move back. You can go home again after all!

    • This sounds so wonderful! Thank you for the image of children skating thru these streets… must’ve been quite a childhood here, cheers to you & your family!

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