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Step right up, folks! This circus school’s fun for both kids & grown-ups — and it’s right up the road in Germantown.  OPEN HOUSE This Sunday Aug 30th 1:30 – 3pm. Hands-on introductions to skills like juggling, unicycle, trapeze, and more!

Eastfallslocal front of circus school street view map collage textThe Philadelphia School of Circus Arts Hosts Open House
Adults and Children invited to fun and engaging day of circus activities

Ever want to run away with the circus? Here’s your chance! This Sunday, August 30, Philadelphia’s only area school dedicated to contemporary circus arts will host an Open House for all ages.

Attendees will enjoy 1.5 hours of exciting circus acrobatic antics, including trapeze, tight-wire, juggling, and balancing apparatuses — designed for beginners. The cost is $10, all ages and abilities welcome.

Who: Everyone who ever wanted to explore circus fun, acrobatics and athletics.
What: Open house featuring an introduction to a wide variety of circus skills.
Where: The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, 5900A Greene St., Philadelphia, PA
When: Sunday, August 30, 1:30-3pm
Why: It’s thrilling, athletic — and fun for all.
How: Call 215-849-1991 or visit for more pics and info

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“We wanted to create a welcoming and anxiety-free entry point for interested kids and adults to discover the fun and athleticism of practicing circus skills,”  says Executive Director, Shana Kennedy.


Seriously — there’s a circus class for every age, every body type, every ability level. Circus skills develop balance & concentration, plus activate all kinds of muscles you never knew you had. AND THEY’RE FUN! It’s a giddy thrill to defy gravity, and to perform your skills for others as you acquire them.

Circus for adults strengthens strength, focus & flexibility — same deal, for kids, but it’s also a fantastic social, physical pursuit for kids who tend not to enjoy traditional sports. Circus activities are non-competitive and cooperative. And for what it’s worth, the “recitals” are waaaaay more entertaining than your average school-age dance routine:


We can’t attest to how fun these classes are (yet) but the young faces rehearsing their “graduation” routines from Circus Camp looked positively blissed-out so we’re kinda dying to try it, now. This Sunday’s a great opportunity, where instructors will be on-hand to answer all our questions and let us give all the different classes a whirl.

More good stuff on PhillyCircus’ very active Facebook, too! And check out all the great YELP reviews from a real variety of students (please note, the adult programs have undergone some policy changes & new leadership to help make classes even more flexible for busy schedules).

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