YOU’RE INVITED: A Reality News Experiment at Mifflin


What do you get when you arm a classroom full of grade school students with cameras and interview questions?  We don’t know either, but this Wednesday we can all find out together when we take Mifflin Career Day to Facebook Live.

What kind of job is blogging? We like to say we’re not journalists but “reality reporters.” That is, we write about our experiences living and working right here in the neighborhood — like our little own East Falls reality show.

Our plan for Mifflin Career Day, then: create a blog post in real time, by interviewing and recording the kids while they interview and record us and each other. While the whole thing is recorded live on Facebook.

And introducing… THE  KID CAM!  

Mifflin School teachers Stacey Dello Buono (6th grade) and Nicole Boyd (3rd grade) enthusiastically approved our plan to strap a Go-Pro to one lucky kid per classroom. “They’ll love it,” Stacey assured us, “Anything tech-y like that, they will be all over.”

Taking their cue, we’re bringing every point-and-shoot camera we own to practice posing and shooting for social media. We’ll take turns answering questions on video, and fine-tune our sound bites.

We’ll see what happens with the Kid Cam — might be more fun to wear than to watch the footage. We’ll find out on Facebook, if we’re able to broadcast live Wednesday morning.

SHOW US SOME SOCIAL!  Nothing is more exciting than live viewers and feedback. We’ll let the kids know when people tune in on East Falls Local, and will read your comments aloud as they come in. If the kids answer back, we’ll type their replies and who knows? Maybe you’ll be a part of our Career Day post, too!

Thanks for supporting our local public school by watching or participating in Career Day at Mifflin 2017.

Join us on Facebook Live with students in Grades 4, 5 & 6 in three interactive broadcasts (9am – 11:30am) where we’ll be LIVE on Facebook, and then follow-up with a feature in May’s East Falls Local. Big thanks to Stacey for helping make this happen, we’re excited to bring some social media buzz to our favorite public school.

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