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Local tech firm shows off latest “Smart City” gear at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin.

Smart Cities” are a thing! Around the world, cities are using digital technology to function more efficiently. And who knew that a local firm has been pioneering some of the techno-wizardry for these cities of the future? (Well, we did – but you should know too!)

So we asked Felicite Moorman, CEO of BuLogics, a few questions about her recent trip to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) where she talked up Smart City technology (and brought along an EF Local)!

Why were you at SXSW?
We launched our “new and improved” energy management and control system for Smart Cities at SXSW! The U.S. Conference of Mayors sent a delegation, guaranteeing us a target-rich environment to share what we’re doing for Smart Cities.

How did it go?
We limited our expectations, this being our first SXSW. We were pleasantly surprised to find our expectations obliterated by opportunities! We met mayors, venture capitalists, other technologists, CTOs of cities, leaders of major corporations, all interested in Smart Cities technology! I have a LOT of follow-up to do!

Also — we had a really cool Lego Smart City display at our booth to help demonstrate all the various technologies that work together and build off each other in our industry. So much fun, I’m not sure I will ever want to run a booth without Lego now.

Best moment?
The best moment had to be Mayor Kenney coming by our booth to learn more about our technology — we used Lego to demonstrate all it takes to create a Smart City. Funny that we had to go to Austin to meet the mayor of Philly! But we’ll take it!

Most frustrating moment?
We bought badges (they’re required for a lot of the action) but found that, because of our workload manning the booth, few of our team could wait the hours in lines to actually make use of the $1350 badges. The lines were outrageous! We won’t be doing that again! We literally don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

Didja do any sightseeing/touristy stuff?
Our team broke down the booth in just 34 minutes at the close of the show. It was definitely margarita/sangria swirl time! Stubbs is the best BBQ in Austin, but Deke’s gives it an honest run for its money!

Favorite speakers/performers/exhibitions?
1. OMG NASA!!!
2. I met Sandy Carter, author of Extreme Innovation…it’s a pretty great show.
3. Local Roots Farms – They build indoor farms in recycled shipping containers that can grow food in any climate year-round, with up to 99% less water than conventional agriculture and is both pesticide and herbicide free:

Did you or any of your team speak?
I had the pleasure of participating on “The Philadelphia Story” panel with some of my favorite people outside of East Falls!

Any messages for the folks back at home?
They really mean it when they say “Keep Austin Weird.” It’s a great way to keep your tourists visitors and not residents. Guess I’m not as weird as I thought. East Falls still has MY heart! No contest!

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Got a Cool Trip Coming Up?
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