All Jazzed Up

The rooftop at Falls Center jives and swings with these Philly cats from a bygone time.

Drew Nugent & the Midnight Society sets a magical mood this Sunday at the Top of the Falls. “This old music really does something to you, “ he told us, “It’s pretty much indescribable.”

A vintage jazz band with style and swagger, the guys play spirited Hot Jazz that will take you back to the days of vaudeville and Old Timey radio. “This isn’t a costume,” their Facebook page declares, “It’s more a way of life.” Their catalog includes everything from ballads to barn-burners to bawdy ditties from the old days – the rich, vibrant sounds of the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

Drew’s voice is a total throwback to Golden Age jazz, too. His singing calls to mind Philco radios and B&W movie soundtracks. The band’s been together about 10 years, playing shows in PA, NJ, and NY. Last year they won the Viva La Musica Award from Loungerati for Best Jazz Band in NYC – which is kind of a big deal cause they’re from Philly.

Although Drew’s accompaniment ranges in size from 3-piece to 9-piece, he’s been known to perform solo on the piano.  “My main axes are piano, trumpet/cornet, vocals, and tea kettle,” he told us, “Yes I play a tea kettle.” (He uses a trumpet/cornet mouthpiece.) At Top of the Falls, he’ll share the bandstand with Greg Wright on banjo and Doc Cattley on Tuba.

Crowd favorites include “All God’s Children Got Rhythm” (Bronislaw Caper), “My Baby Just Cares for Me” (Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn), and the high-energy “That’s A Plenty” – an oldie but a goodie, with universal appeal.  “This song’s been learned, played, and recorded countless times the whole world over since it was written almost a hundred years ago,” Drew said, “But it still gets folks dancing out in droves.”

So many forgotten songs, bands, and musicians to bring to life for modern audiences! Drew and his crew of passionate, life-long musicians make a mission to celebrate the true spirit of the early 20th Century’s art and charm and glamor – and the exuberance!

This ain’t a history lesson, man, it’s crazy-good music that gets a joint jumping. On a rooftop, yet? Can’t think of a better band to swing with under the stars.

We’re thrilled to present Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society this Sunday night at The Top of the Falls. We hope you can make it for an unforgettable, all-inclusive night out in East Falls with gourmet food, craft beer & cider, and spectacular skyline views. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Want more from Drew Nugent & The Midnight Society?

Currently, the band has 2 cds out:  “Alice Blue Gown” (2013), “Hot Sweet and Sassy” (2016), and Drew has a solo album of sorts, “I’ll Never Be the Same” (2017) where he experimented with overdubs and other effects. He also included a male chorus, featuring members of the Orpheus Club of Philadelphia. (In addition, Drew writes original music with friend/collaborator/vocalist/guitarist Peter Evans.)

He’s also working on playing some more events and festivals, plus planning on another recording in the near future. Follow him on Facebook & Instagram, and subscribe to his website’s newsletter for updates and releases.

Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society
Philadelphian jazz musician & composer plays traditional “hot” jazz of the 1920’s with an ensemble of top industry talent that’s both authentic and original.

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