Angela & Annie: An East Falls Dog Story



Some of the most ardent dog lovers do not grow up with dogs. Take Angela Ludovici, an East Falls resident for 51 years, who’s now devoted to her fifth Golden Retriever, Annie.

Angela was not raised with dogs, because her mother was afraid of them. When the family moved to East Falls, her mom made friends with a neighbor who had a dog, and got comfortable with them. They soon got a mixed breed, Skippy. Angela recalls that the family “hired a trainer and enjoyed nine years of walking and playing with him. He was good company for my Mom while we were at work, especially since our father had passed away.”
Angela got her first Golden Retriever, a puppy named Candy, from a friend who bred them. “She had a great personality and was so loving that we were hooked on Goldens.”

She next adopted a dog from The Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) – her first experience with dog rescue. She loved the experience so much she subsequently adopted Sydney, Anna, and Annie. Sydney was a particular favorite – “she made everyone laugh when she’d hold three tennis balls in her mouth!”

Annie arrived about a year ago, six months after the passing of Anna. “I kept looking for a sign, so to speak, as I looked on the DVGRR website. Annie’s picture appeared and I thought the closeness of her name meant it was time for my next companion.”

Annie’s spirit is as bright as her golden color. The minute you walk, in she greets you with her beautiful, boisterous wiggle, and within a minute she’s on her back begging for a belly rub!

Angela’s favorite thing about Annie is her sweetness and cooperation. “She will do almost anything I ask once she understands what I want, and she is always so happy that she is a pleasure to be near. It is wonderful to come home to such a loving creature, especially as a single person.

“I feel a deep sense of satisfaction from helping give rescue dogs a better life than they might have had otherwise. Having dogs has also enabled me to meet so many people and that has truly been a plus!”


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