April 2017

3500 Cresson St.
Unknown offender grabbed complainant’s iPhone and fled in an unknown direction. Value: $400

34XX Ainslie St.
Unknown person(s) gained entry to complainant’s 2015 Honda Odyssey and stole $30 cash. Method of access unknown since vehicle locked and no signs of forced entry. Value: $30

4300 Kelly Dr.
Unknown person(s) smashed rear passenger window of complainant’s 2006 Toyota Prius and took her purse, $20 cash, and debit and credit cards. Value: $200

3400 Sunnyside St. 
Complainant reported that female acquaintance stole keys to his 99 Chevy Express Van. Female was in van with compl and when he stopped to go into his house, she took the keys and fled.

33XX Tilden St.
Unknown person(s) entered complainant’s Toyota Tercel between 4/25 (9PM) and 4/26 (6:30AM) and stole her wallet (containing debit and credit cards).

3400 Tilden St.
Witness observed offender (black male, 16-20 y.o., red baseball cap) going through neighbor’s (complainant’s) Dodge Durango. When witness approached offender, he fled northbound on Vaux. Police spotted offender on Penn Street and gave chase, apprehending him at Midvale and Conrad. Black USMC pocket knife stolen from truck was returned to compl. Second witness came forward to report his Chevy Impala was also broken into and lottery scratch-off tickets were stolen. Value: $50

35XX Indian Queen Ln.
Complainant viewed her home security camera footage and witnessed offenders removing packages from her front porch. Compl found her opened packages a few yards away. Nothing was taken. Description: Two juvenile black males, thin builds — one wore black hoodie with tan pants, the other wore gray hoodie with blue jeans.

We received this grateful email from the victim on 4/24 —

Just wanted to say that I am the person whose packages were taken but must mention some very good East Falls residents found the open packages and returned them to my porch so if it weren’t for them we may not have found our packages.  They also posted that they found them on the East Falls Facebook page which is how we learned about it. I am sure you get your crime reports from the police but thought to mention the good a nice couple walking their dog did for us.

3520 Indian Queen Ln.
Complainant, a wire tech for company, stated that between 1/30/17 and 4/19/17, unknown person(s) took copper wire from cellphone tower, which is fenced in. No security camera. Compl stated he makes random inspections. Value: $2000

Merrick and Dobson Sts.
Complainant discovered passenger side window of her Honda smashed in and driver-side airbag stolen. Police notified. Compl. checking area for surveillance camera footage.

Thanks to Jen A., from the East Falls Nextdoor forum, for this report.

Theft (Auto)
3550 Scotts Lane
Owner parked 2016 silver Toyota RAV4 on the street near his residence at 6PM. When he returned to the spot, the vehicle was gone. Negative results on police tow file check. Value: $24,000

5500 Wissahickon Ave. 
Complainant received delivery confirm from Amazon on 4/2 but boxes were missing from his residence. On 4/10 residence coordinator, in checking on well being of another resident, entered that person’s apartment and discovered missing items and Amazon packaging with compl’s address. Stolen items: Brown box, cat sack, book, pet raincoats, bell, and Handson base layer. Value: $163

2700 Kelly Drive 
Unknown person(s) smashed rear driver’s side window of complainant’s 2014 Chevy Cruze and stole white Jansport backpack (with flowers) that contained laptop computer and college textbooks. Value: $700

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