April 2018

3301 Scotts Ln.
Complainant committed at listed location against her will for delusions/paranoia. She states male spent 15 minutes giving her an extended body massage and touched her without glove. Male is behavioral health technician at facility. CCTV cameras show male entering room and leaving 3 minutes and 32 seconds later. SVU notified. Facility representative states that compl needs evaluation from forensic psychologist to ascertain credibility.

5450 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant left several sets of keys (including to her apartment, vehicle, and security fob) in a deposit box inside apartment complex mail room. When she returned, the keys were gone and no record of them with security desk. Value: $150

4500 Kelly Drive (Schuylkill River Trail parking lot)
Complainant parked his 2014 Honda CRV at 10AM. When he returned at 11:50AM, he discovered the front passenger-side window broken and a cooler and several water bottles missing. Value: $250

5450 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant left his apartment at 12PM on 4/26, when he returned, the offender (his friend) was no longer in the apartment and compl noticed $2,000 missing. Compl advised to contact bldg. mgmt. since the money was for the rent. No arrest.

Aggravated assault
3300 Cresson 
Complainant states offender stopped his company van in the middle of the street to make a delivery. Compl asked offender to move the vehicle. The exchange grew heated, at which point offender went to the van and returned with a gun. He stated he’d shoot the compl if necessary to protect himself. Offender arrested.

36XX Fisk Ave.
Complainant stated the listed location is an unoccupied apartment being rehabbed by several contractors, all who have keys to the property. Witness was the last to leave the property at 5:30PM on 4/18. When he returned at 9AM on 4/19, he noticed items missing were floor sander, shop vac, and multiple light fixtures. No signs of forced entry. Value: $4000

3800 Ferry Rd. 
Complainant (female) got into verbal altercation with male offender over rental of 2018 Ford Explorer. Offender took keys and fled northbound on Ridge. Vehicle is rented from Enterprise under compl’s name. Offender refused to return to scene upon police arrival. No arrest.

Aggravated assault
4800 Ridge Ave.
Complainant stated that while in vehicle, he had a dispute with his ex-girlfriend over money. As compl got out of the vehicle to walk away, the offender drove by and swerved her vehicle into him, causing him to fall into a guardrail. Compl was transported to hospital where he was treated for contusions and released.

4200 Kelly Dr.
Complainant’s items were locked in her friend’s white Infiniti QX50 at 7:30AM. When she returned at 9AM, she discovered the rear passenger window smashed and the items missing. Stolen: Michael Kors wallet containing several credit and debit cards. Value: $150

5450 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant states that unknown person(s) tried to pry open the front door of a deceased occupant’s apartment with what seemed to be a crowbar (based on the marks on the door). Compl not sure if anything was taken from the apartment. Police processed the scene with negative results.

Aggravated assault
4400 Gypsy Ln.
Complainant stated that listed male aggressively drove in front of her in a white Volvo SUV model 260, opened his driver side door, turned to face compl, and pointed a gun at her. She said “keep driving” and offender drove off erratically. Offender description: Black male in his 20’s with dreadlocks and a black baseball cap with white writing.

4542 Kelly Dr.
Unknown person(s) broke the complainant’s rear passenger-side windows on his silver Jeep Compass, taking several items, including a wallet with $115 cash and several credit cards. Value: $1200

Aggravated assault
29XX Woodpipe Ln.
Police responded to report of a person with a weapon. Offender struck complainant (her husband) with an iron and he was unresponsive. Upon arrival police met offender who stated she was in a physical altercation with her husband when she grabbed a clothing iron and hit him in the head, rendering him unconscious. When male regained consciousness he had a large lump on his forehead with laceration. Furniture was scattered around bedroom and hallway. Police noticed blood in both locations as well.

2991 W. Schoolhouse Ln.
Complainant observed her now ex-boyfriend taking money out of her purse without permission. She was afraid to protest. Male then kicked compl out of the residence. She is now living in her vehicle.

3800 Vaux St. (Falls Presbyterian Church)
While at bible study, complainant left her purse on a chair and went to the restroom. When she went home that night, she noticed three of her credit cards were missing from the purse. On 4/2 her Wells Fargo card was used at an Apple store in the Lehigh Valley mall for a charge of $2974.14. Cards have been cancelled. No arrest.



  1. The Scotts Lane incident is not a rape based on the info supplied. At best it’s an indecent assault. Describing it as a rape makes it seem like a much more serious crime than it is. Leading readers to conclude there is a rapist in the neighborhood. Is that all the information supplied. If so, the title of the incident should be corrected.

    • Hello Joe! Thanks for weighing in. We did add the word “alleged” to the Nextdoor posting and as for rape versus indecent assault, I think it’s clear from the description that no one is sure what happened at this point. Pending further investigation, we posted the report as classified by the police and with all the specifics they were willing to provide us.

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