April 2019

5450 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant reported that several items have gone missing since male “caregiver,” moved into the apartment. She has had an issue with male using her SSI card without her permission before. Stolen items: $20, SSI card, jewelry valued at $600.

4300 Kelly Dr. 
Complainant parked her vehicle and went for a run. When she returned an hour later the rear passenger window was smashed out of her silver Toyota Prius. Stolen items: Gray backpack containing Samsung phone, $40, wallet containing credit and debit cards.

4300 Kelly Dr. 
Complainant parked her vehicle and went for a run. When she returned an hour later the rear passenger window was smashed out of her silver Toyota Prius. Stolen items: Gray backpack containing Samsung phone, $40, wallet containing credit and debit cards.

2967 W School House Ln. 
Complainant left her apartment secured. When she returned at 11:58AM, she noticed the front door broken and several items missing from the bedroom. The scene was processed with several latent prints obtained. Stolen items: Louis Vuitton bag, $1,500, diamond chain, pair of diamond earrings. Value: $7000

2967 W School House Ln. 
Complainant parked his 2017 silver Chevrolet Impala at 8PM. When he returned on 4/23 at 7:20AM he discovered his rear passenger side window smashed out with several items missing. The scene was processed and one latent print obtained. No cameras in area. Stolen items: messenger bag with black/purple writing, HP laptop, computer mouse, pens, paperwork, headphones. Value: $1000

2900 W School House Ln. 
Complainant parked her 2014 Ford Focus AT 6PM. When she returned at 9:30AM she discovered her passenger side window smashed out and her car ransacked. No items appeared to be missing. The scene was processed with negative results.

3200 Scotts Ln.
Complainant parked her vehicle at 12AM. When she returned at 10AM she found damage to front passenger-side tire, center console, and ignition. Her purse was also missing. Police unable to retrieve prints due to contaminated scene. No cameras or witnesses. Value: $300

36XX Calumet St. 
Complainant states luggage was lost at the airport, delivery service delivered luggage at approximately 12:30AM to listed location. When compl went outside at 2:30am to retrieve the items, they were missing. Contained house keys and car keys to vehicle 1999 silver Toyota 4Runner. Stolen items: black Lucas brand hardcase luggage roller and red Airlight hardcase luggage roller. Value: $2000

34XX Cresson St. 
Complainant reported her medication missing. Happened between 4:30 and 9:30PM. she lives with multiple other people, medication (59 doses of Suboxone) was taken from kitchen cabinet.

4300 Kelly Dr. 
Complainant parked her 2013 Honda Accord at 3:15PM. She returned to find her passenger side window broken with several items missing. While giving the report to police, she received notifications from her credit card company that her cards were used. Items taken: jacket, school bag, coach wallet, laptop, 5 credit cards, debit card (approximately $400 charged at rite-aid from credit cards). Value: $840

2979 W. School House Ln. 
Complainant parked his 2013 gray Subaru Forester ON 4/14 AT 11PM. When he returned the following morning the passenger side window was broken with a rock and his handicap placard was gone. Value: $50

35XX New Queen St. 
Complainant states upon arrival to her vehicle she noticed her vacuum missing from her 2003 green Jeep 4X4. No signs of forced entry. Value: $50

Aggravated assault
35XX New Queen St.
Complainant states she had an argument with her boyfriend whom lives with her. Compl locked boyfriend out and when he attempted to regain entry by kicking the door, compl was struck on the head with the doorknob. Compl refused medical attention. Offender was not on location. Compl advised of PFA with eviction.

3300 Scotts Ln.
Police observed offender sitting in parked 2013 Nissan Juke looking around inside. When police checked for ownership, offender could not provide owner info or address. Compl located and stated that offender did not have permission to be in vehicle. Offender was arrested and transported to NWDD. No forced entry, door was unlocked.

3601 Midvale Ave.
Store employee stated that listed offender came in to recharge his prepaid card. Paid $40 in cash and left. Offender came back to store and stated he wanted his money back. Employees told him they couldn’t provide a refund. Offender became irate, pushed employee out of the way, went behind counter, opened the register and took $40. Male fled in a blue/gray SUV southbound on Midvale towards Kelly Dr. Offender: Hispanic male, 5’9, 230lbs, full beard, thin mustache, maroon sweater, black sweat pants.

42XX Ridge Ave.
Witness called police to report listed offenders climbing rear fire escape to enter the second floor window (by pushing it in) and removing multiple items. Witness has video on her cellphone. Additional video from 1st floor storefront on location. Items stolen: prints and photos, Apple Macbook 15″, $1,500 cash, Ryobi power drill. Offenders: 1 black female and four black males — all appear to be juveniles.

Aggravated assault
35XX Cresson St.
Complainant went to location on 4/8 because neighbor called stating belongings were outside the house. While on location, compl stated he wanted to report a prior assault (2/23/19). He stated that female offender came home drunk and started arguing with him when it turned physical. Female took picture frame and threw it at him, then threw glass at him. Compl had pictures on his phone of his injuries, he couldn’t go to NWDD at time of report, but was willing to go at another time.

3400 Bowman St.
Complainant states that while sitting in witness’ vehicle he was approached by offender and acquaintance at which time a struggle ensued. Compl states he pulled a knife and the offender began to squeeze the compl’s left hand causing a laceration to compl’s index and mlddle finger. Offender then took $30 from compl. Compl states that offender and witness then transported him to a nearby hospital and fled.

Aggravated assault
3700 Midvale Ave.
Complainant stated at listed date/time offender assaulted him, striking him with closed fists cracking the compl’s orbital socket. He suffered various bruises and loss of consciousness. Compl was transported to local emergency room.

Ridge and Midvale Aves.
Complainant lent his phone offender to make a call. Offender then walked off with compl’s phone and fled in a white vehicle, unknown make/model eastbound on Allegheny. No surveillance or witnesses. Offender: teenage black male, 6′ tall, Wave cap, white shirt, dark pants. Black Acrella (AT&T phone), no serial number, not traceable.

3200 Midvale Ave.
Complainant got off the K bus and was walking to school on Midvale Ave following the directions on her phone when she saw the offender walk towards her. Compl states offender tried to take her bookbag from her back, then groped her right breast and touched her thigh. Compl ran through McMichael Park to Henry and then walked to school and notified the staff.

32XX W. Penn St.
Complainant parked her dark blue 2017 Mazda CX-5 at the listed location. When she returned her vehicle was gone. Compl further states she may have left her key/keyfob in the car. Tow files checked negative results. Value: $35,000

36XX Weightman St.
Witness states that he observed offender inside of his neighbor’s vehicle. Compl states that her vehicle had been shuffled through as she did not leave her vehicle in the condition in which it was found. No items were taken.



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