August 2018

4201 Henry Ave. (JeffU)
Unknown person(s) took complainant’s Samsung Galaxy and multiple credit and gift cards from the 2nd floor of the Architecture and Design Center. Offender used credit cards at 7-11 station on Ridge Ave. as well as at MackTechs store in Manayunk, where employee gave complete description (black female, tall, thin, blue shirt, tan pants). Credit cards were also used at Target on City Line Ave, where security is reviewing security tapes.

3000 Coulter St. (Penn Charter)
Complainant left car keys on a bench while he ran on the track at listed location. When he returned both keys and car (2016 black Nissan) were gone. Value: $15,000

3243 W. Schoolhouse Ln. (Jefferson University)
Complainant was in the lounge area. When she went to the restroom between 3 and 3:15PM, unknown person(s) took her iPhone 7 charger case and laptop. School security checking video. Phone untraceable. Compl states emails showed up but were taken off. Value: $1025

Aggravated assault
5515 Wissahickon Ave. (Alden Park Apts)
Complainant (property manager) states that tenant entered rental office to dispute parking charges. When compl denied offender’s request, offender became irate, grabbed her and pulled her to him, injuring her thumb and tendons in her wrist. Compl went to the hospital to be treated for injuries.

2967 W. Schoolhouse Ln. (Alden Park Apts)
Unknown person(s) took complainant’s red Fuji mountain bike from an outdoor storage area. Value: $900

4116 Ridge Ave. (In Riva restaurant)
While at lunch at listed location, complainant received a notice from her bank of fraudulent charges on her credit card ($2090) at nearby location. She checked her purse, which was hanging on the rear of her chair, and discovered several cards missing. When she went to the location of the fraud, she was shown video by store manager and recognized the couple from the restaurant. Description: Black male in his early 20s, medium complexion, beard, red shoes, and hat. Female in her 30s, straight shoulder-length hair, thin build, white/black shirt.

5500 Wissahickon Ave. (Alden Park Apts)
Complainant parked his Hyundai Sonata in facility parking lot while visiting witness. He failed to secure vehicle. He returned to discover several items missing, including a laptop and case, key fob, flash hard drive, checks, and $70 cash. Value: $3000

5500 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant’s friend (offender) took her keys and wouldn’t give them back. Compl had locks changed but on 8/12 at 4AM, he broke the key off in her lock. Value: $3

4265 Kelly Dr.
Complainant parked and secured his car on 8/7. When he returned at 5AM on 8/8, he noticed his passenger-side window smashed and an iPod and two phone chargers missing. Value: $430

4200 Kelly Dr. 
Complainant parked and secured his car on 8/7. When he returned at 6:10AM on 8/8, he noticed his front driver-side window smashed and two pairs of sunglasses and a gym bag missing. Compl states landlord has security cameras and is waiting for footage. Value: $870

2900 Woodpipe Ln. (Carlton Park Apts)
Manager of apartments confirmed that unknown person(s) broke into an apartment under renovation between 4:30PM on 8/6 and 8:30AM on 8/7 and stole a black estar dishwasher, microwave, vanity combo, ventura mirror, sink, smoke detector combo, shower head, and various plumbing supplies. No signs of forced entry. Unit had no burglar alarm or security cameras. Value: $5000

Aggravated assault
2979 W. Schoolhouse Ln. (Alden Park Apts)
Police responded to report of a man with a weapon at listed location. Upon arrival, offender stated he wanted complainant out of his house. Offender had chased complainant around apartment, cutting the back of compl’s right leg. Compl refused rescue. Argument started over living conditions. Both parties transported to NW Division.

4201 Ridge Ave. (LeBus restaurant)
Complainant left his black and silver mountain bike unattended while he went into restaurant to pick up food order. Compl returned at 8:57 and his bike was gone. Value: $350

2967 W. Schoolhouse Ln. (Alden Park Apts)
Complainant noticed driver-side rear window smashed and his Canon 80D camera missing. Value: $2000

4842 Ridge Ave. (Legacy Tennis Ctr)
Complainant parked her 2017 Mercedes Benz in the facility’s parking lot at 1:30. When she returned at 6PM, she noticed passenger-side rear window smashed and a Legacy Tennis handbag, checkbook, and sunglasses missing. Value: $300

Aggravated assault
Schuylkill Expressway/Rt. 1
While complainant was driving offender to North Philly, offender hit compl with a bottle causing a cut to compl’s right ear and punching him while he was driving. Offender walked away from car after compl pulled over.

4000 Gypsy Ln. (Gypsy Ln. Condominiums)
Complainant parked her rental car (2018 Chevy Impala) on 8/3. When she returned at 8:30PM on 8/4, the car was missing. Compl believes the key fob was in the car. Value: $30,000

4156 Ridge Ave. (7-11)
Complainant went inside store to make a purchase, during which he placed his gray Android cellphone on the counter. An unknown person took the phone. Police are checking store camera video. Value: $100

35XX Warden Dr.
Complainant left his property at 8AM, leaving his doors unlocked. When he returned at 8:40AM and walked into his kitchen, he saw a black male (6’2”, thin build, dark clothes) standing in his dining room. Compl asked the male “What are you doing here?” at which point the male walked out of the house. No prints were recovered from the scene. Stolen items: Black wallet, various credit cards, $100 cash.


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