Bluebirds of Happiness

Tips on attracting this harbinger of good luck & prosperity by the Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania

With the drama of 2020 in our rear view, how about something simple and beautiful to start off the new year? Birdwatching for bluebirds is a family friendly way to get out of the house and get in tune with nature. Bluebirds, in particular, have historically been the bearers of good tidings, often heaven-sent

Imagine the joy of watching our azure blue feathered friends flitting around your yard or in the Wissahickon! With appropriate knowledge, this can be fun and fascinating for people of all ages. Start planning now for the breeding season which can begin as early as February/March 2021.

How to Attract Bluebirds

  • Provide a proper nest box with 1&1/2” entrance hole
  • Mount the nest box on a smooth pole
  • Best habitat is open, mowed grass with occasional trees
  • Provide a supplemental food source (dried or live mealworms, suet cakes, shelled seeds, especially in Fall and Winter)
  • Plant trees and shrubs which produce fruit and berries
  • Provide a water source year-round (birdbath with heater for winter)
  • Avoid pesticide use, as the chemicals can poison the insects that bluebirds eat

To learn more, or volunteer, please contact the Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania at and help us keep the “Bluebirds of Happiness” thriving for years to come!  You can also follow us on Facebook!


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