Burger Time!

Great local options for beefy deliciousness on a bun.

I’m a self-proclaimed burger connoisseur and believe I know a good burger when I taste it.

Recently, Two Robbers Seltzer Co., which is known for its unique flavors of hard seltzer like Pineapple Ginger, Black Cherry Lemon (my favorite), and Grapefruit Kiwi recently opened up a burger bar in the heart of Fishtown on Frankford Ave.

The company started out in 2017 in a 50 square foot backyard in Philly where founders Vik and Viv started perfecting their flavors and recipes. Despite their success in the recipe department, their house was robbed twice by “professionals,” according to the cops. The two claim the robbers took everything but the recipe, and decided to ultimately name the company after the unfortunate event.

Their new burger bar serves a variety of eats and the company’s hard beverages, including specialty cocktails, seltzers, IPAs, and more (you can also purchase packs of the brand’s beverages on-site). The restaurant itself is first-come first-served with limited seating at tables and the bar. The design is simple and modern, with fun colors and designs across the area. Many of the tables are meant to fit multiple parties, so you may end up being seated directly next to some new friends to dine with, which was a welcome part of my experience! There is also an outdoor section with more seating that is expected to open in the warmer months.

The menu is simple, and organized into two sections: Burgers and Not Burgers. On the burger side of the menu, you can order The Burger, a delicious smash patty with cheese, onion, pickles, and burger sauce. That’s it. It’s only one option, but I can’t imagine a world where you would need any other choices. It was that good.

There’s also some vegan options on the menu, including a portobello “burger”. The Not Burger side has a few options like fries, poutine, and grilled avocado. The restaurant also offers a great meal deal — the burger, fries, and a seltzer for $22.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of places around Philadelphia to get a good burger. Lucky’s Last Chance, with storefronts in Queen Village and Manayunk, have award winning burgers such as their PB and Bacon Burger with a grape jelly drizzle on top and their February special, the Maple McSausage Face Burger featuring American cheese, a fried egg, and sausage patty with maple syrup drizzle and housed in a buttered English muffin. (March’s special, btw, is a “surf and turf” concoction that just may blow your mind.)

If you’re looking for a more upscale dining burger, Village Whiskey on South St. has gourmet burgers such as the Whiskey King, which is topped with blue cheese, bacon, maple-bourbon glazed onions, and foie gras.

Spot Gourmet Burgers on Girard Ave. in Brewerytown also lives up to its name with various beef, chicken, and veggie burger options with unique toppings, such as the Roquefort Burger, a beef patty with bleu cheese, bacon, grilled onion, mushrooms, and truffle-balsamic.

Basically, there’s no shortage of burgers in Philadelphia. If you happen to be in Fishtown and looking for a place to grab a bite and a quick drink without a hefty price tag, Two Robbers may be the perfect option for you! But wherever you decide to go for your burger fix, enjoy!

EDITOR’S HONORABLE MENTION: May we humbly recommend a NW Philly treat known as the “Turf Burger“: a Black Angus patty topped with cheese, bacon, fried onions, pickled jalapeños, and chipotle aioli. 🙌🍔🧀🥓🧅🌶️🔥 It’s a potent mix of flavors that you’d think would overwhelm the palate, but you’d be wrong. Somehow they all work together to create a juicy-spicy-smokey-umami experience that’s as memorable as it is addictive. 🤤🤤🤤

You can only find it in East Falls, too — at Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon — where it was created by a cook/bartender/showboat Ryan Overturf (hence the name). Definitely worth the trip. Pro Tip: add a large basket of fries and a perfectly-poured Guinness (or two). Sláinte! 🍻☘️

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Two Robbers Fishtown
1221 Frankford Ave
IG: @tworobbersfishtown 

Lucky’s Last Chance
4421 Main Street, Manayunk
848 S. 2nd Street, Queen Village
IG: @LuckysLastChance

Village Whiskey (by Jose Garces)
118 South 20th Street, 19103
IG: @VillageWhiskeyPHL

Spot Burgers
2821 West Girard Ave, Brewerytown
IG: @SpotBurgers

Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloon
3333 Conrad Street, East Falls
IG: @BillyMurphys

COMMENTS WELCOME! Have you been to any of these places? I’d love to know your favorite burgers (or overhyped ones that might miss their mark). Always open to your tips and recommendations for great local food and treats! Please chime in below, or catch up with me on Instagram, @gingersliketoeat.

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