Community Rallies for Mother’s Day Homecoming

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Enough is enough!  Five years, Colleen Moffitt and her family have scrimped and saved, putting every spare dime towards making their home livable since fire burned it to sticks five years ago.

The big stuff came together easily enough thanks to grants & other assistance but now tasked with new walls & floors, Colleen feels overwhelmed, and the stress of being separated is affecting every member of her family.

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East Fallsers want to help:  A new project spearheaded by BuLogics execs Felicite Moorman & Ryan Buchert organizes local business and community helpers towards getting Colleen & her kids back home before school’s out for Summer. Colleen Moffitt

“Team Colleen” met earlier this month, with John Pak from Metro Presbyterian Church for a careful walk-thru and some ambitious list-making.  There’s now a GOFUNDME for donations, and an online “basecamp” is  organizing volunteers for a multi-pronged plan that’ll tap into East Falls’ many diverse resources.

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Jump In — We Need You!  Currently seeking able-bodied Do-Gooders & Handy Folks for all kinds of tasks:  clearing/hauling, painting, skim-coating/sanding, basic electric & plumbing. Donations & materials also appreciated!

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Artsy types needed, too, for writing, design & social media.  Thanks to Edan Cohen’s mad production skills (shout out to Spirit Animal!), local businesses can appreciate positive promotion for donations to the cause. Come brainstorm ideas, and run with them!


Party planners needed, as well!  Food trucks, entertainment, etc. We’re putting together a kick-ass House Party in Colleen’s hollowed-out shell on Krail Street. The idea is for party guests to sign their names & well-wishes for Colleen on her bare brick walls, and we’ll seal them in behind drywall on subsequent “work weekends.”

(3/20/15 — the plan so far):

EastFallsLocal schedule text 1

EastFallsLocal schedule text 2

Thanks for your help and support. East Falls is a great place to live, in good times and not-so-good times, too.

Every neighbor in need like Colleen is an opportunity for all of us to network local talents and resources. Of course, this Mother’s Day project is a construction effort — but it’s also a community bonding project.

Come lend a hand, however you can.  Chip in for materials. COME TO THE PARTY!!!!!

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Let’s help make this a Mother’s Day Colleen will never forget.

Let’s bring her home.

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