Crime Report: July 2021

Aggravated assault
3732 Midvale Ave. 
Complainant got in a verbal argument over a parking spot at location with male. Compl stated the male said “he will break her fucking jaw and her boyfriend’s.” Compl told male she had a taser and male stated he has a gun.

5500 Wissahickon Ave. (Alden Park Apts)
Police responded to a report of gunshots. Upon arrival police spoke with security guard, who stated he heard about 7 shots coming from the parking garage. Police found complainant on the pavement with multiple gunshot wounds to the body and head. Medic 28 pronounced victim dead at 2:13AM. No witnesses on scene.

3502 Scotts Ln.
Complainant parked her 2019 white Honda Fit around 12:30 AM. At about 8:30AM on 7/16, Compl’s husband noticed the driver side rear window was smashed. Jumper cables and a flashlight were missing (value $100).

5500 Wissahickon Ave. (Alden Park Apts)
Complainant parked his 2008 Toyota Prius in complex parking lot at 6:30PM. When he returned to his vehicle at noon on 7/16, he noticed a loud noise coming from his car. He discovered that his catalytic converter was missing (value: $1400).

Aggravated assault
33XX Indian Queen Ln.
Listed complainant states that while having a verbal dispute with offender, offender picked up a knife and stabbed one complainant in the back and stabbed another complainant twice in the left arm. Both complainants were transported to Temple University Hospital. Offender was arrested and transported to the PDU for processing.

34XX Warden Dr.
Between 1AM 7/14 and 1PM 7/15, complainant’s golf clubs, shoes, and golf bag (value: $1031) had been removed from his gray 2021 VW Atlas. Next door neighbor stated he saw 1 or 2 white males on his property and may have accessed compl’s property through back yard to get to vehicle.

33XX Arnold St.
Complainant parked her 2021 light blue Toyota Corolla at 4:30PM. When she returned to her vehicle at 7:30AM on 7/14, an unknown offender had entered the trunk of her vehicle and took a black tote bag containing cleaning supplies, a caddy, and 5 dollars cash (value: $153) From the center console of the vehicle. Compl. states the vehicle may have been unlocked. No damage to vehicle.

3510 Scotts Ln.
Complainant reported theft of the catalytic converter (value: $400) from her 2006 Honda Element. Witness saw a black Civic in front of the vehicle running and a white male dressed in black getting up from under the compl’s car with the converter in his hand. Offender’s vehicle sped off toward Indian Queen Lane.

3600 Midvale Ave.
Complainant parked her vehicle at listed location at 7PM. When she attempted to start her vehicle on 7/13 at 9:15AM, she heard a strange noise from underneath the car. She took the vehicle to a mechanic who informed her the catalytic converter (value: $630) was missing.

4200 East River Rd.
Unknown offender opened the door of complainant’s 2010 blue Nissan Altima (value: $4000) and said “I have a Husky 40 — don’t move or I’ll blow your brains out.” Offender then demanded compl’s phones and wallets. He then pointed a black and silver firearm at them and ordered them out of the vehicle before fleeing in it.

3727 Midvale Ave. 
Complainant parked his 2016 Dodge Ram Pro Master City Cargo Van at 12AM. When he returned at 2PM on 7/10, an unknown offender had broken his passenger side front and side window, taking a small red bag with tools (value: $300) from his vehicle. Compl advised to contact insurance company. No video footage.

42XX Ridge Ave.
Complainant parked his 2019 white Ford Transit van outside his residence at 6PM. When he returned the following morning, he saw that the front passenger side window and the side door were open and several items were missing: phone charger, circular saw, and duffle bag containing knife and camping supplies (value: $370)

5500 Wissahickon Ave. (Alden Park Apts)
Complainant reported his 2004 gold GMC Yukon (value: $5000) missing from complex parking lot. He said his ex-girlfriend has a spare set of keys and may be in the area visiting from Baltimore, but does not have permission to use vehicle. Tow file search negative.

33XX Ainslie St.
Complainant arrived at listed location with his cousin to sell a dirt bike (value: $500) to an unknown Black male (approx. 27 years old, wearing a white shirt/black jeans, driving a red and white Honda CRV). Offender was checking bike out with the title in his hand when he asked to test drive it. Offender then took off at a high rate of speed southbound on Henry Ave. with the title. Compl. has no information on the dirt bike. (No make, model, or VIN number because it wasn’t registered.) He said he’ll check at home for dirtbike information and contact the 39th District to add information to his report.

Lincoln Drive Trail and Rittenhousetown Ln. 
Complainant parked his vehicle at 3PM. When he returned around 7:45PM, he saw that his passenger side front w1ndow was broken and several items missing from his car: MacBook Pro (value: $1700), Airpods ($300), Beats earbuds ($250). Compl. also received notice that his credit card was used at Sunoco gas station for a $210 purchase. Another charge of $310 was declined at 8500 Henry Ave.

3521 Bowman St. (Franklin’s Pub & Grill)
Complainant states that between 12:45AM and 11AM, someone broke the glass to the rear door, entered the property and took $225 from the top cash drawer behind the bar. There is video footage of the incident.

3510 Scotts Ln. 
Property manager noticed a leaf blower (value: $350) was missing from the maintenance room. He reviewed security camera footage and observed an unknown Black male pull up in a silver 4 door hatchback. Offender entered through the unlocked main door of building, broke into supply room, and took blower. Manager stated building is used for residential and commercial establishment. Pry marks were noted on maintenance supply room door frame.

Aggravated assault
33XX Midvale Ave. 
Complainant states that she and offender argued, which escalated until he threw a trash can at her, hitting her in the leg. Offender left location with child. Compl also left location. No PFA or custody order in place. Police advised compl. to get PFA at 1301 Filbert St. and to file for custody at 1501 Arch St. No injuries reported at the time.

3500 Scotts Ln. (McDevitt Rec Center)
Victim #1 states that her wallet, bag of clothes, portable phone charger and $40 cash (value: $215) were stolen from victim #2’s vehicle, which had its rear passenger side window broken.

4000 Gypsy Ln. (Gypsy Lane Condominium complex)
Police responded to report of a theft. Complainant stated her purse was missing, which Contained $200 and her checkbook. It was last seen on 7/3 at 5PM. No sign of forced entry.

3617 Midvale Ave.
Complainant parked his white Toyota Tundra at 6:30PM. When he returned on 7/4 at 6PM, he noticed that the catalytic converter was missing (value: $2000).

W Rittenhouse St. and Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant left his vehicle parked for 20 minutes at location. When she returned, she noticed her MacBook was missing (value: $900). Police observed that the passenger door was broken.

5450 Wissahickon Ave. (The Avenue at East Falls)
Complainant states offender, while moving out of residence after break up, broke screen of compl’s TV (value: $300) and iPhone ($800). He also took compl’s wallet containing $400 cash. Offender fled location prior to police arrival.

Lincoln Drive Trail and Rittenhousetown Ln. 
Complainant parked her 2015 Toyota Prius at 3PM. When she returned at 5PM, an unknown offender broke her rear passenger side window and took 2 backpacks containing wallets, $400 cash, and an iPhone (value: $850)

4168 Ridge Ave. (Sunoco gas station)
Complainant was filling her 2018 Ford Explorer (value: $35,000) when a white Honda CRV pulled up next to her car. A Black male got out, jumped into Compl’s vehicle, and drove away. Compl states that she had checkbooks, credit cards, financial documents, iPhone XS, and $200 cash inside her vehicle. Offender description: approx. 5’9”, wearing a black jacket, white tshirt, and jeans with a mask.

From the files of the 39th District. Special thanks to Captain Anthony Ginaldi and the dedicated officers of his command for making this section possible.

If you notice suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately. Also call the 39th district at 215-686-3390 and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer.

If you have security cameras, please register them with OPERATION SAFECAM – it’s a free service offered by the Police Department. Video captured by your camera may assist in the investigation of a crime.

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