December 2015

Attempted burglary
3671 Stanton Street
Complainant left his residence at 8:15AM, when he returned at 3:15PM, he received a call from witness — she observed 3 black males (teenagers, dark hoodies, blue jeans, one with multi-colored bookbag) coming from rear of house. 3 window screens had been cut but home had not been entered. Police uncovered 2 latent prints at the scene.

3545 Indian Queen Lane
Sometime between 8PM on 12/29 and 9AM on 12/30,  unknown person took complainant’s Galaxy S3 phone without permission. No signs of forced entry. Compl stated that she has 3 roommates with access to phone. She also states there have been other thefts in her apartment in the past. Phone cannot be tracked.

Burglary of residence
3549 Indian Queen Lane
Complainant states between 12:30PM and 6 PM, unknown persons entered property by forcing open kitchen window. Complainant noticed the rear door unlocked, yard gate open, and the following items taken:  1 Macbook Pro, 1 Macbook, 2 iPads, 1 Xbox 360, 1 Toshiba laptop, 1 utility backpack, and 3 Macbook chargers (valued at $6420).

Theft from vehicle
4400 Kelly Drive
Complainant parked her 2008 silver Mercury Mariner at 9AM and returned at noon to find her rear passenger window smashed. Stolen items: 2 gym bags containing two wallets (belonging to complainant and her sister), various credit cards, iPod, iPhone 6 , social security card, and license.

12/12 (2 incidents)
1. Theft from vehicle
4501 Kelly Drive
Complainant states unknown person broke the window of her 2013 Honda Civic and stole black purse and glasses.

2. Robbery
2200 West Allegheny Avenue
Complainant states offenders approached him from behind on the highway and attempted to take his backpack. A brief struggle ensued and complainant was stabbed with an unknown weapon in the back of the neck. Complainant was taken to hospital by police.

12/10 (5 incidents)
1. Aggravated assault/domestic abuse
2012 Rowan Street
Complainant states her ex-boyfriend was let into the house by her daughter. Male was not supposed to be on location. Complainant and the male then engaged in a physical altercation over text messages and prior relationship issues. Male grabbed complainant and threw her to the floor and cut her on her left forearm with a box cutter. Weapon was recovered from the scene. 3 children on location. Male was arrested.

2. Homicide
3852 Germantown Avenue
Witness flagged down police and stated a male was shot inside the building. Police saw complainant on the floor with two gunshot wounds to the chest. Medic on location pronounced complainant deceased at 3:42 PM.

3. Theft
2825 North 28th Street
Complainant stated that female offender entered the house, went upstairs, and started throwing objects (towels and toiletries). Complainant stated that offender then took television from the location. Offender reentered the location and engaged in a physical altercation (punching and pushing) with complainant, resulting in crashing into glass cabinet. Complainant received superficial lacerations on her back and left arm. Medic attended to injuries.

4. Aggravated assault/domestic abuse
2726 North Hemberger Street
Complainant called police in regard to “being caught cheating” by the offender. Offender came home, kicked complainant out of his home, pulled out a knife (complainant not stabbed). Complainant was assaulted by fist, busting his lip.

5. Rape (known acquaintance)
2102 West Indiana Avenue
Complainant stated that several days ago male offender was playing basketball outside when he walked up to location and knocked on door. When complainant opened door, offender dropped his pants and stated “suck my dick or I’m going to hurt you bad.” Complainant performed the sexual act and then ran into her room. Both parties are in the same class at Pierce Elementary school. Special Victims Unit notified and will arrange interview with complainant.

12/9 (7 incidents)
1. Theft
5101 Wayne Avenue

Complainant states he forgot his HTC Desire 510 cellphone in grocery store. When he went back, he was told someone walked out with it. Cellphone could not be tracked.

2. Theft from vehicle
500 West Rittenhouse Street
Complainant states he parked his 2013 Honda Civic on 12/8 at 9:45PM. When he returned, he noticed the front passenger-side window smashed and the airbag missing from the steering wheel. Officer processed the scene with negative results. 

3. Homicide by handgun
254 Apsley Street
Police responded to report of a shooting at 12:55 PM. Upon arrival, police observed complainant laying on the highway suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Police transported complainant to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1:15PM. Complainant was shot once in the left side of the chest, once in the left arm, twice in the back, and once in the head.

4. Retail theft
2800 Fox Street
Loss prevention officer states that, while watching security cameras, he observed three black females in various aisles of the store. Two of the females took personal hygiene items, put them in their pocketbooks, and left the store without paying. The third female drove her burgundy Ford or Chevy to the front door, picked up her accomplices, and fled in an unknown direction. 

5. Theft from vehicle
3600 North 17th Street
Complainant stated he parked his 2014 white Ford 550 truck at 10:46AM and entered a home in the area to do repairs. When he returned to the vehicle 10 minutes later, he discovered several items had been stolen: a red Milwaukee saw, a toolbox with various tools, and one set of floodlights. 

6. Burglary (night, forcible entry)
4244 North Broad Street
Complainant states she left check cashing business at 6PM on 12/8. When she returned at 8:25AM on 12/9, she noticed the cash register had been opened and an alarm sounding in the lobby. Police observed a 3 x 2 foot hole in the ceiling of the bathroom. Negative fingerprints due to suspect wearing gloves in video. Stolen items (crowbar, 2 3/4 inch drill bit, $5 in food stamps, and $2 in change) were recovered from the roof of the establishment. 

7. Theft
3100 N. 22nd Street
Complainant states that her and her husband were arguing on the highway when he took $92 in food stamps from her hand and walked away. 

12/8 (3 incidents)
1. Aggravated assault (hands, fists, feet, etc.)

4446 North 19th Street
Complainant states he was assaulted by the sister of his child’s mother. Offender tased him multiple times and people kicked him. Complainant received treatment at local hospital.

2. Robbery by handgun
2100 West Indiana Avenue
Complainant states unknown black male approached her, pointed a handgun, and said “Give me all you got.” Offender stole a silver iPhone 6 Plus, a Visa “CSL Plasma”, a Toys R Us timecard, and a SEPTA weekly transpass. He said “If you run away, I’m gonna put three shots in your back.” He then fled eastbound on foot. 

3. Theft
2000 West Indiana Avenue
Complainant states she let her Yorkshire Terrier out to go to the bathroom at 11:04AM. Shortly thereafter, she noticed a white Ford Explorer pull up and take the dog. No further info provided. 

12/7 (Reported on by Falls resident Heather Sparks)
Car vandalism
3300 block Ainslie
Hey neighbors! Just a heads up that some pretty messed up vandalism and (possible) harassment is going on. One of our neighbors that lives on Henry Ave came out to their car, which they’d parked on Ainslie just off Henry, and discovered the rear window had been smashed in. The neighbor reports nothing was stolen nor was there any sign of a brick or other heavy object. While he was calling the police to file a report, another neighbor mentioned that someone has been leaving notes on cars telling the owners to not park on Ainslie.

Please keep an eye out for any strange activity. If you don’t already have security cameras, I suggest you see if your home security company offers such an option. I’d hate to think that a fellow Fallser did this, but I also hate to think that this was random. Let’s be good neighbors!

More at this link

12/6   (3 incidents)
1. Theft from vehicle
5555 Wissahickon Ave  (Park Heights Apts, across from Alden Park)
Complainant states between 1 am and 12 PM on 12/06/15, unknown persons broke the front passenger side window leaving approx $192.00 worth of damage/stolen property. 

2. Theft from vehicle
4501 Kelly Drive
Complaintant states between 1 pm and 3 pm on 12-06-15, unknown persons broke out passenger side window of his 2013 Toyotal Highlander, taking a laptop wi-fi device worth approximately $200. 

3. Theft from vehicle
5450 Wissahickon Ave (Charter Court Apartments)
Complaintant states on or about 12-06-15 at 2:30 pm, unknown person(s)( entered his 2002 BMW in an unknown mannter and removed his car radio. Est. value $400. 

12/4 (one incident) 
Burglary, non-residence, night, forced entry
4012 Ridge Avenue
Between the hours of 7 pm Friday 12/04/15 to 8 Am Saturday 12/05/15, an unknown person had forced open the main door which is located on Ridge avenue. The door was forced open with an unknown object. Once inside, a set of 4 barbells (red working on the ends) and 360 lbs of free weights were taken. Estimated value $2,000. 

12/1  (one incident)
Aggravated assault by handgun
5500 Wissahickon Ave
Complainant was shot by an unknown male at listed location in the left and right arm, left armpit, and a graze wound to the head. Complainant transported by medic unit to Albert Einstein ER and was listed in critical condition.


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