Documents on 2006 Development Approved for “Rivage” Site


Hello! Welcome to an EastFallsLocal reference page, where we scan in local documents for viewing & sharing on social media. If you’re following discussions on the “Rivage” property at Ridge, Calumet & Kelly, this info might shed some light. 

East Falls has previously approved plans for even bigger complexes at the Rivage site — such as this one called “The Terrace at Falls Ridge,” which hoped to create 172 condos plus 43,900 square feet of commercial/retail and another 47,000 square feet of office space.

EastFallsLocal Terrace at Falls Ridge cover renderings

Parking for this “mega site” included in excess of 350 parking spaces — and was overwhelmingly passed by general membership vote in December 2006’s EFCC meeting. Grasso’s current plan has roughly 205 spaces, but for just 200 condos and 15,000 square feet of goods & services, it far exceeds Philadelphia zoning stipulations for one space per every three residential units.

Eastfallslocal Terrace at Falls Ridge street sketch

Check it out… These guys came pretty close to actually breaking ground but their financing fell through so oh well. This time around, the developer himself (David Grasso) is financing the project so folks here are hopeful we’ll see something get off the ground at last.

EastFallsLocal Terrace at Falls Ridge elevation sketch

BTW, the presentation for this project included a formal shade study — we haven’t been able to dig up the details but EFDC’s Gina Snyder and Carolyn Sutton report it determined no significant issues despite its height of almost twice the size that Grasso is planning (151 feet vs 80 feet).

Eastfallslocal Terrace at Falls Ridge add another road

(another view of previous project shows new road they intended to add to the area)

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