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DOG OWNERS:  This weekend is all about us! **Free** pooch-friendly fun & giveaways right here off Scott’s Lane. Two days, two awesome neighborhood facilities every dog owner here should know about. 

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East Falls loves dogs — we’ve got a lot of passionate dog advocates here. And the bones of our old mills off Scotts Lane create an ideal environment for local doggie enterprises:  vast rooms with smooth concrete floors, easily partitioned and sanitized. Free & plentiful parking, yet, with green space surrounding the lot so Nature may call on the way into training, dog park or daycare.

See for yourself this weekend! Grab your best four-footed friend for Little White Dog’s 3rd BIRTHDAY BASH, Saturday, June 25, from 11am – 2pm. Follow up the next day at OPPORTUNITY BARKS’ Grand Opening, Sunday 12pm – 3pm.  We’ll break all the fun down now, so you don’t miss anything!

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First: from the bottom of our hearts — Happy 3rd Birthday, Little White Dog!

We’ve known owner/operator Barb Berman since she opened, we’ve horned our way into her life as buds cause she’s just that awesome. She’s got a great story, too: saved up and quit a high-pressure job mid-life to take a chance on a whole new career path.

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Doggie Daycare? Some friends thought she’d lost her mind but Barb found a great space off Scotts Lane:  6,000+ square feet that she filled with dog toys & play equipment, along with a loving team of employees specially-trained to facilitate play and keep the peace for all breeds of clients.

Today, Barb’s thrilled she took a chance three years ago to follow her dream life — “playing with dogs all day.” Little White Dog is a magical place, indeed

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Come party! We’ll be there taking photos and collecting donations for ACCT’s Wishlist (it’s a birthday, after all, why not bring a gift for a pet in need?).

Barb’s got a birthday cake and treats, of course, plus make-your-own “paw print art” (!) and assorted swag/info from local pet-sitters, dog walkers, rescues, and more. We’ve got a great mix of high-quality neighborhood pet resources available in East Falls.

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Speaking of:  Dr. Caroline Patten of Liberty Vet will be on hand to answer questions and give out helpful advice like she provides as EFL Pet Care contributor.

Opportunity Barks’ Leigh Siegfried’ll be there, too, offering training tips, suggestions, and observations from a “Behaviorist” point of view.

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LWD’s photo booth will be a blast, but we’re especially excited that Coulter Street artist Jay McClellan will be displaying some of his colorful, geometric pieces. He’s also taking commissions for custom paintings created with love and care. Honor your furriest family members with splashy (and surprisingly affordable) East Falls art by way of Alabama.

Few people know that Philadelphia’s only in-patient hospice is at Falls Center — even fewer are aware we have our own local team of therapy dogs tending to end-stage patients here. Meet some of these angels, and find out how you and your well-mannered pup can get involved.

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Congratulations Leigh Siegfried, whose local training franchise Opportunity Barks has grown into its own big, bright space off Scotts Lane. Celebrate with gourmet ice cream sandwiches from Weckerly’s and fresh baked treats for your pups from Amelie’s Bark Shop.

Plus raffles to benefit our local shelters! And big prizes for lucky humans including free classes, lessons, country adventure days at Sweet Spot Farm and more. Leigh’s front door’s right off Scotts Lane, be sure to swing by Sunday for dog & family-friendly fun. 


Saturday, 11am – 2pm at Little White Dog
Sunday 12pm – 3pm at Opportunity Barks

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PS:  After trying several dog training schools with our (now) 3-year-old collie mix, Ducky, we are tentatively psyched to see improvements thanks to Leigh. She is not paying us to say this, and frankly we are not entirely convinced our dog isn’t faking it.

Still, we’re impressed at how Leigh dug for clues and created a really simple plan we have been able to follow, that seems to be working. For what it’s worth, some folks on the last Pack Walk noticed she seemed calmer, so… fingers crossed. If you’re dealing with “dog issues,” definitely seek out Leigh this weekend.


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  1. I was thinking about renting a dog , or at least buying a leash so as to appear as a non-threatening foreigner when I step into canine country.

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