Easter Outreach: Helping Neighbors in Need


Metro Presbyterian Church joined with neighbors to fight hunger during the Easter holiday.

If you don’t know Metro Presbyterian Church, you should get yourself up to speed on this neighborhood resource. The latest example of the church’s good works – an Easter Outreach that brought together dozens of volunteers and neighbors to deliver free meals to families in the Falls, Roxborough, and Manayunk. It’s the third year the church has been participating and, like the previous two, it’s grown in size, scope, and success.

Melissa Chiu, director for the event, spoke for many volunteers with the following recap of the deeply moving and spiritual effort —

It was such a pleasure to work together with other local churches to serve our Roxborough, Manayunk, and East Falls communities.  This was our third and most involved year with Easter Outreach. Our first year we were able to contribute financially to the efforts and the second year we sent volunteers to help with City Light Manayunk at their distribution site. 

This year we took on the role of distribution site for the three neighborhoods, organizing volunteers from over 8 different churches and from throughout our area.  This was a year of learning the needs of our community on a deeper level and building relationships in order to better reach those who would benefit from a meal this Easter season. 

 This meant visiting our local community centers and businesses as well as going door to door to meet our neighbors first hand.  Even from those first visits, we felt the love from our community and the desire to connect through simple conversation.  We sensed a hunger for stronger community even in those beginning conversations.  

At our packing night on Tuesday April 11, more than 150 volunteers prepared the Easter Outreach meal deliveries.  We were able to join together in a time of worship that just blew me away.  It was such an amazing experience getting to see people coming from all walks of life join together in one room for the sole purpose of serving our local community. 

Brought to tears by the outpouring of love from these community members, I had the pleasure of leading our group pack 440 meals, which was completed within a mere 30 minutes thanks to this amazing effort put forth by our volunteers.  We were joined by people of all ages and stages in life, ranging from infants and young kids around 5 all the way up to people in their late 60s and 70s. We came together not just to pack meals but enjoy a time of worship together and prayer for our community.  

On the Saturday morning before Easter, we gathered again to deliver our meals door to door.  In this concerted effort, we were able to not just provide a meal for families in need, but were able to offer them a chance to give back as well.  Each family receiving a meal was provided with an additional meal to give to a friend or family member in need to continue the chain of giving.  It was such a privilege to be able to serve in this capacity and connect with our community members through simple conversation, times of prayer, or just dropping off a meal.”

Congratulations and thank you Metro!

About Metro Presbyterian

Christmas caroling, neighborhood cleanups, Easter meal delivery – when it comes to community, the Metro folks do it all. (They even helped build the old wooden slide at the Oktoberfest at Ringstetten!) If you’d like to check em out, they’re located on the second floor of the Mason’s Building at Ridge/Midvale. For more info:

Website: metropres.org

Email: info@metropres.org

(267) 282-1447

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