EFL Traveler: Grapefruit League Getaway


Beaches, baseball, & beautiful weather for longtime Fallsers at Spring Training.

While we were all wrapping our heads around snow on St. Patty’s, Fallsers Rich and Pattie Gardner of Bowman street were coping bravely with 75 plus degrees on the beaches of Clearwater and the lush green of Spectrum Field, the Phillies’ spring training facility. (So we wouldn’t forget their struggles, Rich texted us a few times from sunny Florida to ask how we were doing with the snow.)

Luckily, the Phillies lived down to our usual Philadelphia expectations by losing 5 of 7 games (as of this writing – the Gardners still had 3 or 4 more games ahead of them) but it’s kinda hard to feel like we got even with the Gardners when they post pics like this.

Well played Gardners, well played.

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