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The Pizza Ninja provides all the details you need to score an incredible deal on deliciousness at this beloved Falls institution. You’re welcome! 


In every neighborhood, there is THAT pizza shop.  You know the one – maybe it’s slightly hard to find, off the beaten path so to speak.  It’s been around forever.  It doesn’t have the fancy neon signs or upgraded store front of some of the other pizza newcomers.

But if you ask the neighbors, THAT shop gets the nod, time and time again.  This month, we review THAT shop.  Franks Pizza of 3600 Fisk Avenue. No pretension, just pizza.


The Pizza Ninja lives by a code, and that code for these reviews is:

  • The shop has to be located in the 19129
  • Have delivery
  • Have cheese pizza.

The Ordering Experience: 5 out of 5

There are a number of ways to order from Frank’s to put it lightly.  In fact, it’s a bit dizzying.  Of course they have the standard tried and true methods:

  1. In Person
  2. Over the phone

But lets talk about the more innovative ways you can order from Frank’s.  A simple google search for “Frank’s Pizza East Falls” nets the following options for ordering

  1. Grubhub phone app (or website)
  2. Franks website 
  3. Online ordering through Yelp
  4. Online ordering through EatStreet
  5. Online ordering through MyPizza
  6. Online ordering through Seamless 

Six options for ordering online!?!  For a pizza shop that has such an inconspicuous brick & mortar storefront, the message is clear, Frank’s is heavy in these internet streets.

NOTE: The Ninja CAN NOT confirm nor deny that any of these options actually work aside from Grubhub.

The Ninja CAN confirm that there is a way to get a deal on Frank’s Pizza (more on that later).  This pushed the score to a perfect 5 out of 5 ordering experience.

I placed a call at 6:10pm and was told delivery was running about 35-45 minutes.  The pizza arrived at 6:44.  34 minutes later, 1 minute early.  Lets see if this lives up to the hype.



Presentation: 4 out of 5

Wait a minute, where have I seen this box before?  It looks familiar.  The red, the white, the green.  The weight of the cardboard. Ah ha, there it is:


Franks must share the same box supplier as Golden Crust III.

Lets talk about the actual pizza.  As previously stated, the Ninja likes his pizza on the “well done” side of things.  Generally, that is something you have to specifically call out for when ordering a pizza from a number of shops.  It appears that this is how Franks cooks their pizza as a standard offering.

We have even golden brown cheese on top.  Underneath, the crust is nice and well done.  Great coloring.  Not overly crisp at first glance.


Cheese: 4.25 out of 5

This is a tasty cheese.  If I had to find one critique, I would say that it’s a little salty.  But with that being said, great flavor.  It’s a low moisture mozzarella.  Not heavy and greasy like some of the other pizzas that have been reviewed.  Appropriate ratio compared to the sauce and the crust, it’s not overbearing.

Sauce: 4.75 out of 5

With Frank’s, the sauce is the standout.  Slightly sweet bite of tomato.  Notes of garlic, black pepper, oregano.  This marries with the flavoring of the cheese wonderfully.


Crust: 4 out of 5

This is an interesting crust.  Dare I say it’s on the thicker side of things compared to others.  What you have is a crunchy, sometimes hard, crust.  In fact, if you hold a slice of Frank’s in your hand by the crust side, the slice will stay nearly parallel to the ground, not flopping over.

It’s a combination of the crust and proper cooking.  The taste isn’t anything crazy, just a tried and true, bready, warm, crust.  It plays a nice supporting role to the cheese & sauce.

Conclusion: 4.4 out of 5

You won’t find Frank’s storefront on any of the major commercial corridors of East Falls, but ask around, talk to locals, and a reward in the form of pizza gold will be yours for those brave enough to seek it out.

FUN FACT:  Frank’s Pizza is listed on


Yes, ANOTHER website.  But this one isn’t for ordering, it’s for deals.  You can purchase a $5 “gift card” at a discounted rate of $2.  What does this all mean?  Premium eats at a discounted price, allow me to explain.

Frank’s lists a large cheese at $9.  $2 gift certificate worth $5 means you’d be paying $9-$5= $4+$2 = $6 for a large pizza assuming you did take out.  The Ninja loves a bargain. That’s pizza math, folks.  It’s science:


Until next month, keep eating…

Frank’s Pizza
Second-oldest pizza spot in East Falls (the owner used to work at Apollo’s), host of an annual Halfball Tournament and Block Party. Everyday specials on pizza & sandwiches. Italian Restaurant hosting & catering services, also. 
3600 Fisk Avenue
Open Mon – Thurs 11am – 10pm; Fri/Sat 11am – 10:30pm; Sun 11am – 9:30pm

About Pizza Ninja 22 Articles
Born in Chicago, arguably the capitol of world class pizza options, the Pizza Ninja consumes pizza an average of 3 to 4 nights a week. From local options to frozen pizza, no crust is left behind. He has been eating pizza for 34 years and currently resides in East Falls along with his wife, daughter and two dogs. On occasion, he will graciously share a slice of his pizza with them. Follow the Ninja on Instagram.


  1. Strategic move “reviewing a pizza place” that you previously got into some trouble. Well played but hella fake.

    • Hi!! You must be new here. The purpose of the column (as stated every month – reading is key) is to review ALL pizza options in the 19129. Hella fake? What do you suggest – that we DON”T review Franks?

    • Hello and thank you for following our neighborhood blog. I hope Pizza Ninja has quelled your suspicions but meanwhile you raised a really good question for us, which is:

      What might someone do here when they make a mistake they regret?

      I mean, after apologizing to the wronged parties and offering to make amends and smoothing things over. What else can a person in our situation do?

      This review is *not* in any way a result of our wish to extend our apologies.

      Likewise, our articles on Frank’s Halfball Tournament that we published in 2015 and 2014 — plus one that Steve wrote for the Fallser in 2012: these were offered freely, we didn’t expect anything in return but still… We’d like to emphasize our good will for the community, especially solid, family-owned businesses like Frank’s.

      What would you do, in our situation? Cheers!

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