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Why are Caity MacLeod’s local images so sharp and haunting? A recent transplant from the suburbs, she’s in a “honeymoon” stage with our color, geometry and architecture. Fascinating photos, only on EFL’s Instagram


If you follow us on Instagram, you’re no doubt already a fan of Caity MacLeod’s haunting, lyrical lens. Her delightful Castle Ringstetten pics demonstrate a warm, playful eye for capturing people, too.

“It was fun, I really enjoy taking pictures of people at events like this,” she told us, even though she’s in school for commercial photography. A first-year Fallser, Caity is psyched to bring us all along as she explores her new home with the tools of her trade.

Fun facts about EFL’s new Instagrammer in this quick Q&A with Caity MacLeod.


First — what a cool treat, seeing these familiar streets with new eyes.

Our previous IGer, Katherine Wzorek, grew up here — so Caity brings a much different perspective. We hope you enjoy her neighborhood images with playful local commentary. Speaking of…



How did you come to live in East Falls? 

My husband, Matt, and I grew up outside of Philly and visited friends in the city many times. However the GPS would make us pass by every single time so we never even knew EF existed — how rude! When we were relocating here we kept stumbling upon super cute places to live online so after talking to our now Landlord, we determined EF was our perfect new spot.

Do you love it here or what? 

Yes! I love being close to lovely scenery — view of the city skyline from the Falls Center garage or a walk along the river down the hill. Gorgeous homes with tons of character. An awesome community of neighbors and friends who make me feel so welcomed!

PS: We live near Fiorino. Yumm… 🙂


Do you have any pets? 

My cats are Aang and Chibi, two black indoor cuties. They keep track of the critters of EF through the windows…

Where’s your go-to spot for food? For beers?

Hands down my favorite food here is Falls Taproom because I am a vegetarian! They have an entire menu of amazing comfort food, scrumptious salads, and VEGAN buffalo wings. I wish I could eat there every day!

For just a beer with friends? That’s Billy Murphy’s. Nothing like a cozy environment with the friendliest of faces behind the bar.

Favorite coffee shop? 

Coffee coffee coffeeeeee! I love Founded/Chestnut Hill Coffee Co because not only do they make a mean bean but they made me fall in love with the vibe of the place! They do it right with espresso from their La Marzocco and I typically get myself an Americano when I pop in.

Gotta say, too, I am really anticipating the opening of The Little Red Cafe on Midvale because that’s even closer to me.


Can you describe your style as an IGer? 

When I photograph for IG, I tend to be drawn toward structures, shapes, shadows and lines. Although I am a “people photographer,” when I am shooting for the soul it’s usually architectural.

I love the ornate homes around EF and usually try to photograph them with great light and as symmetrical as I can. I’ll probably wind up featuring lots of details of the houses that I find neat!

Do you specialize professionally in any sort of pictures, like wedding or glamour or children or pets, etc..?

I am working toward a photography degree right now which will make me specialized in portraiture and commercial work but I enjoy photographing people too much to pursue much commercial work.

It’s really satisfying, helping people take photos they love — usually it’s just a matter of coaching them to feel confident and comfortable. I plan to continue photographing weddings, portraits and events after my degree is complete!


Do you have a favorite season for photography?

I love photography allllll year round but in Autumn I get a special spark of creative inspiration to be a little extra artsy, take a few extra risks and create extra cool stuff!

When you’re not taking pictures, what are you up to?   

When I am not taking pictures I am supporting the Philly music scene. Matt is in a 60’s soul influenced rock n roll band called The Snails and they play in Philly pretty often. We are involved with the Philly Soul Syndicate and he spins some vinyl on DJ nights in the city. Some of our favorite spots are Kung Fu Necktie, Boot and Saddle, Bourbon and Branch, and the Barbary.

Thanks for taking time to get to know me!


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