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Say hello to two driven bosses doing their best to beautify the Falls, one enviable mane at a time. 


Recent financial headlines announced the number of women-owned businesses has been skyrocketing.  Top industries include pets, healthcare, and — not surprisingly — fashion & beauty.

Tammy Hinkle and Mackenzie Day are two local business owners providing luxury hair care & design in East Falls. Both Metric Salon and Mack Stylist score excellent reviews online, and offer high-end products and treatments.

But “doing hair” isn’t just a business. On many levels, it’s an art form.


Some effects, for instance, are literally painted on. As modern stylists, Tammy and Mack may use similar tools but they each have their own unique skills & aesthetics, which set the tone for their work spaces.

As business owners, both Tammy and Mack are very driven personalities, with high expectations for themselves and their team members. “What I personally enjoy is helping people reach their best self,” Tammy told us, “I love when I see someone’s confidence flourish. Witnessing that is the best compliment — then I know I’ve done my job well.”


For Mack, connecting with clients begins with an open mind, “With a staff as diverse and experienced as we are, we are up to any challenge.” In fact, she refers to her business as a “studio” (rather than a “salon”) to emphasize creativity & artistic collaboration, and to support each other’s freelance efforts.

Both women were drawn to the clean, historic lines of East Falls’ industrial architecture. Three years ago, Tammy opened in Sherman Mills, and the following year Mack hung her shingle on Conrad Street, in the former office building of the old Hohenadel brewery. Each business has had its own unique trajectory.


“At first it was just me, Patrick and Michele, then Karla and Kristy really rounded out crew,” Tammy explained, “Now between us we’ve worked on every type of hair, and can pull off a full spectrum of cuts and styles, from the edgiest to most conservative styles.”

One of the hardest adjustments Tammy’s had to make for her salon? Paperwork! “The biggest downside to working for yourself is all the admin: scheduling, inventory, accounting… I’d much rather be doing hair all the time!” Still, owning her own business was a lifelong goal she worked hard to accomplish.


For Mack, her path to business owner was a bit less direct. She’d been happily styling hair in a cushy Queen Village salon when she became a single mom and lost her job in 2009 (in that order). She free-lanced for weddings & commercial photography, and then in 2010 she entered a contest for KMS California, and was flown to LA to compete against two other stylists for the Grand Prize. She won! Opportunities followed.

“The year I opened my shop on Conrad, I found out I was pregnant with my second son, Theo,” Mack told us, “Now in 2016, we’re past the newborn stage and I’m excited to turn my attention back to growing the studio with Kia, Cortney, Lauren, and Gaby.” Fun Fact: Mack’s multi-ethnic crew does weaves, cuts, color — on all hair, whether you’re black, white, mixed, whatever.

Right now, both Tammy and Mack agree that effects like ombré, balayage, and “bronde” highlights are trending, and will likely stick around through the winter. How about some more tips from our resident experts? Three common questions, three very different responses.



Q: I’m 25 years old and I’ve never cut my hair above my shoulders. Should I try a short cut? I think I want to. But what if I hate it? How long does it take to fix something like that anyway?   — Kathy D. 

Mack says:  This depends on how fast your hair grows. The good news is hair does grow. Change is a great thing if you are ready for it. If you are uncertain about the length , do baby steps. Cut more than an inch at your next appointment and if that is comfortable for you then go shorter. Never be impulsive with your hair. No matter how great the cut is , you need to be confident in your new look. So make sure you feel ready for a new look or take steps to get to your hair goal.

Tammy says:  I would definitely recommend, why not?  Right above shoulder length is a hot look right now, and you can still have some versatility with it, and can even pull back.  If you didn’t like it or realized that you just didn’t want that look for any longer, we have a variety of extensions available, which are fun!  We do short term extensions that last 6-8 weeks and longer term extensions that can last up to 6 months.  


Q: I have a boring day job but at night I like to dress sexy and show off my tattoos. What kind of funky hair style can still be appropriate for the “real” world?  — Diane B. 

Mack says: Pick one thing to add edge to your style. So a bold cut or color, not both. I can also lay color so it’s hidden if you part your hair one way or pull it back, but when you’re out of the office you can restyle and reveal a whole different look.  

Tammy says: I would suggest shaving or an asymmetrical cut that would allow different degrees of visibility.  Also peek-a-boo highlights would work well for you as well.  Allowing the color to only shine through at your time of need.


Q: I’m a new mom and my hair has totally changed, am I imagining this? Also, what can I do with my hair now that I have no time for maintenance? — Kim S. 

Mack says: Hormones do wild things to hair during pregnancy and the first year of the baby’s life. Sometimes the hair sheds a lot or women get bald patches. This happens to a lot of our clients. I always tell them to hang in there and let Nature take its course. When everything settles, we can cut it and hope it differently to suit your new hair routine as a new mom. 🙂 

Tammy says:  A keratin treatment is wonderful if you’re looking for less maintenance, they will decrease your blow-drying time immensely. I’d also recommend a nourishing conditioning treatment — these are great to replenish nutrients lost during pregnancy, to help restore your hair’s bounce & shine. Finally, ombré colors tend to hold up well when you don’t have a lot of time for touch-ups. 

For more information about luxe hair care in East Falls, reach out to Tammy or Mack online, or make a trip to explore these local style hubs yourself.


Mack Stylist
Creative artist’s studio for hair & makeup —  Mackenzie Day’s warm, funky space at Conrad & Sunnyside provides the latest haircuts, color, and styling for all types of hair, everything from balayage to weaves plus updos and even special event makeup. 
3500 Sunnyside Ave, Unit C3 (facing Conrad Street)
Open Weds 3pm – 8pm; Thurs 1pm – 7pm; Fri 9am – 5pm; Sat 8am – 4pm; Sun 11am – 5pm


A Center City salon experience in East Falls. Expert haircuts, color & effects, plus the area’s only “blow out bar” for smooth, sleek styling whenever you need that extra polish. Three types of extensions add length & volume to all hair types. $15 off any service if you mention East Falls Local. 
3502 Scotts Lane, Suite #21 (Sherman Mills)
Open Tues 12pm – 4pm; Weds/Thurs 11am – 7pm; Fri 10am – 6pm; Sat 9am – 5pm





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