Groove Day, Sunshine

Life at Alden Park was especially sweet last July when Spun Sugar filled the landscape with yummy jams that made hearts soar high as the towers.

Hot “Miami Days” were made for chill tunes by the water. Sun’s on your shoulders and you’re feeling fine.

Spun Sugar had our perfect soundtrack for Alden Park‘s pool party and food fest — a funk-reggae, jazzy-rock fusion that’s its own groovy party in your ears. Our friend Colin Carroll (composer/lead vocals/etc) has been making music all his life, and now finally with Spun Sugar he’s found his voice as an artist and his joy as a performer.

He was right, people were moving! “Yes, you will dance, sway, rock, and shimmy,” Colin assured us before the event. He also shared some of his favorite Spun Sugar songs, along with insights from his conscious choice to live creatively.

  1. Who is Spun Sugar?

We’ve got Pete Stone on bass, Ian Smith on drums, Phil Summers doing double duty on saxophone and keyboards, and vocalist Sarah Weinstein (the latest edition to the band). We’re also pulling in Logan Grubeard, a classically trained virtuoso violinist! And Philly native Rob Green, also on sax.

My band members are a fantastic bunch of extremely talented and community-oriented people that I feel fortunate enough to call my friends.

  1. What’s the deal with your name, “Spun Sugar?”

Everyone involved is multitalented and play multiple instruments, occasionally switching in the middle of our sets.  We also hope to leave people’s minds spinning in the sweetest ways!

  1. How local are you?

I’m in Hunting Park now but just moved from Wissahickon. I grew up on the East Coast from NY to MD but I absolutely love Philadelphia, it is my favorite city, and my home for the last few years. Philly’s music scene is the best —  The Blockley (back in the day), The Mann, and tons of underground parties from West Philly to Fishtown.

  1. What kind of audience are you hoping comes out to Miami Days & Nights?

I am envisioning a multicultural, multi-age, multi-background. A of variety, colors, positive vibrations, and love! Really looking forward to being outdoors at Alden on a beautiful summer day,  playing for happy people splashing in the pool…

  1. What images does “Miami” bring to mind?

Ahh, Miami! I lived in South Florida for awhile, so I’m thinking of beautiful sexy people moving their bodies to Latin and Cuban vibes. Heat, ocean air, percussive beats.

BONUS QUESTION: What hidden message(s) would your latest album play if we could spin it backwards?

I would never hide this message, I want to get it out: Dream it, envision it, move with it,  let it marinate in your soul and then give it back as a unique gift that only you can offer to the world! Smile, be joyous, and love. There is reason every minute to celebrate!


A lot of people take life too seriously which is unfortunate because life can be hard enough as it is without adding seriousness to the equation. But just because our music is playful doesn’t mean it won’t touch you deep inside, and maybe change you forever.

Spun Sugar was LIVE at Miami Days at Alden Park. This summer, they also played The Party in the Park in Fairmount (Glenndenning Rock Garden), Bungawiz Music Festival in upstate New York, and then back in Philly for a show at Connie’s Ric Rac August 4th.

They’re currently finishing up their first studio album. Follow Spun Sugar on Facebook and SoundCloud. And check out LogoRhythm Studios for all your recording, producing, and performing needs (in nearby Hunting Park).


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