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If you can open your home to a dog in need, you’ll save more than just his life. Every foster placement frees up desperately-needed shelter space during this high-intake period. Even just a little time can make a huge difference. 

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Lorena Wilson’s heartbreaking plea called out on our East Falls “Rants” page,

“My rescue is in need of small dog fosters! All expenses are taken care of by the rescue if you choose to foster! The shelter is full and killing healthy adoptable dogs every day.  If you can help please message me or contact for an application!” 

Salfid Rescue depends on fosters and volunteers to clear room in already-overcrowded shelters, and buy time for pets to find forever homes. They’ll pay for food, toys, vet bills — everything. All these dogs need is your love and a warm spot to curl up for a little while…

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TRUE STORY: Kill shelters don’t work. They’re a cruel, lazy solution to animal control problems many other Western countries have learned to manage without euthanasia. Extermination is not a “necessary evil” of the pet industry, and actually there’s already a plan laid out that greatly reduces the number of unwanted pets.

Countries like Germany and Australia are leading the way with programs that prove the effectiveness of education, sterilization, and re-homing. Foster plays a huge role in saving lives worldwide, and connecting humans with their animal soul-mates.

Here in Philly, all kinds of dogs seek foster homes — big ones, little ones, purebreds and mutts. Puppies, seniors, dogs in transition, dogs left behind. Practically anyone can foster; Salfid Rescue provides all kinds of support, plus they host special events where you can be a part of finding your foster’s forever family.

Salfid Rescue has placed hundreds of dogs in the area, and their good work has even been featured on Action News. If you’ve been on the fence about fostering, or are interested at all in rescue, please consider reaching out to Salfid today, while the need is so great this time of year. 

Volunteers also sought! If you can’t commit to full-on fostering, consider providing short-term “respite care” for fosters, or transportation for vet trips and adoption events. Or help out at their kennel in Souderton, PA.

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Donations, too! Salfid’s website features a variety of ways to give — including an Amazon Wishlist (use AmazonSmile so a portion of your purchase goes back to Salfid). Bark Box will give 10% to Salfid when you buy. Salfid’ll also take blankets, towels, toys, food… any dog items, really, new or used.

Or buy a magnet — just $6 thru PayPal. Every penny helps save loving, loyal, adoptable dogs from being “thrown away.”

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If you can help, please lend a hand.  Any questions? Message Lorena on Facebook or contact Salfid Rescue for more information.

Salfid Rescue
P.O. Box 213
Souderton, PA

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PS. If you know a local foster family who deserves some love, email us and we’ll follow up with a feature on them (including goodies from local businesses). 


  1. I agree that we should adopt, and not shop, for our four legged friends. But aspects of this article make me angry. There are thousands of wonderful homeless dogs looking for homes in Philadelphia. ACCT, Philadelphia’s only open-intake shelter, makes its best efforts to place those animals in rescues, foster and permanent homes. ACCT would love to become a no-kill shelter, but the number of animals coming into its doors, animals that they are obligated to accept, makes this a daunting task. To suggest that ACCT, because they sometimes lack space and have to euthanize animals, is a “cruel” and “lazy” solution, is simply wrong. To have this suggestion made by a rescue that doesn’t even find homes for local animals is particularly frustrating. According to Salfid Rescue’s website, most of their dogs and puppies come shelters in Virginia. If Salfid wants to assist with the problem of homeless animals in Philadelphia, they should become 501(c)(3) certified (there is no indication on their website that they have such certification) and become an approved rescue that can pull animals from ACCT and become a part of the solution to the problem of homeless animals here in Philadelphia.

    • Hey Arlene! Thank you for allowing us to clarify: NO ONE IS SAYING ACCT IS CRUEL AND LAZY. We are saying *the way the US funds/handles/addresses the issue of animal control* is cruel and lazy. We have nothing but gratitude for the good folks of ACCT, who we agree would totally be no-kill if they had the support to do so (please see links provided for more info).

      While we obviously can’t speak for Salfid Rescue, we *can* say that in our experience with 501c3, it’s not always helpful for a small private organization to jump thru all the hoops necessary for that legal designation — it’s a huuuuuge amount of paperwork, requires a lawyer, plus you need to have enough members for a board of directors, etc. Also, the benefits of 501c3 for a one or two-person operation can be negligible.

      Many (perhaps most) private rescues like Salfid are *not* 501c3’s. It’s really not fair to discount Lorena’s hard work because she’s not a registered charity. In the short time we’ve known her, she’s been the first to respond to Lost Pet posts, and has helped reunite many local “escapees” with their owners. Thank you for your comment, it’s important to recognize that Rescue is a huge issue for East Falls animal lovers, and that organizations like Salfid are needed to save lives. I have a hard time finding the point of knocking someone who’s doing good just because we don’t like her paperwork.

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