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Never underestimate the importance of flooring. Wow what a difference at the Krail House Rebuild! Big thanks to Aramingo Carpet & Flooring for donating everything. And for Bill & Andy, who worked so hard in sweltering heat despite being roughly one-and-a-half fingers short of four hands.

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7-18-15  *UPDATE* Elbert Chen (volunteer contractor extraordinaire) 
Hello everyone. In regards to the plumbing, the short story is that it was in very bad shape, but with Colleen’s son Anthony at the helm (he is a plumber), all the rough-in work was finished and tested as of Sun 7/12. He plans to do the final hookups once the floors and fixtures are in. Until then, there will continue to be no running water inside the house and the waste line has been capped off in the basement to prevent sewer gasses from coming into the house. The spigot outside was unaffected and will still work as it did before.

There is some cleanup to do and collateral damage to the drywall that needs to be fixed. I want to double-check the kitchen ceiling before it gets sealed up though. I’m missing a few tools and I think they might be in the crawlspace.

In other news, the flooring guy is coming Mon 7/20 to do all the upstairs plus kitchen. The dining/living room floors will be left up to us, but Colleen got a donated roll of vinyl sheet flooring that I think she plans to use in there. Well, that’s all I have for now. Good job, Team Colleen — back to you, Felcite!


Felicite message Colleen stayed over night

Big news for Team Colleen: NEW FLOORS!  Darla, Colleen & her mother Trudy finished painting last week, and this Monday the good folks of Aramingo Carpet and Flooring came by to carpet the bedrooms and living spaces, and put new flooring in the kitchen.

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Colleen was so excited, she “camped” in her home even though there was no air conditioning, and the only toilet is still disconnected from the sewer system. It wasn’t the most comfortable night in her home, but she was still HOME! And all of Team Colleen has been so very happy about this momentous occasion — it’s been five long years, after all.

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What a difference flooring makes! And what a great job Bill and Andy did — they showed up first thing in the morning a 100 degree heat index was forecast, and laughed when we suggested it might be too hot to put in a full day. “We’ll be out of here by 4 PM,”  Bill predicted (and he was almost on the button).

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Darla (Team Colleen’s dedicated coordinator) texted us later that afternoon when they were finishing up —  if they were tired, they weren’t letting on.  In fact, Bill regaled us with the story of how he’d lost one finger (and part of others) at a previous factory job machining auto parts:

“The machine chewed up my pinky and shot it out the window! They found it in the bushes, but it was too mangled to re-attach,”  he told us as non-nonchalantly as someone might mention making a wrong turn on the way to dinner.


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Big thanks to Aramingo Carpet & Flooring for their generosity, their awesome employees, and their high-quality workmanship. The new carpet not only looks wonderful but it’s so comfy and squishy to walk on — these guys spared no padding or plushness!

In fact, Darla was so impressed with the whole shebang, she’s calling for an estimate. Her daughter’s been after her awhile but Darla hadn’t really seen the point until now.  We said it before but it bears repeating:  what a difference flooring makes!

Stay tuned for more updates as Team Colleen inches ever-closer to Move-In Day! STILL TIME TO HELP:  Call or text Felicite Moorman at 405-503-0035 or email felicite@felicitemoorman.com.  Visit Team Colleen’s GOFUNDME page for more info, and additional ways to lend a hand.


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UPDATE: October 6, 2015

Moving day! After 5 long years, Colleen and family are finally home! House saved? Check. Family saved? Check. So happy for Colleen and proud of the generous neighbors that made it possible! Way to go #EastFalls!

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