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Penn Street resident & budding photojournalist Katherine Wzorek is back from two years in Latin America, and turning her lens homeward on our Instagram feed. Follow Katherine for a special look at our local landscape, plus upcoming profiles of fascinating Fallsers.  (We get the ball rolling here with her intro)

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Katherine’s not just a local artist, she’s a World Traveler — recently back from her stint with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua! Her remarkable blog offers photos, stories, and food-for-thought from a smart, sensitive soul in a friendly yet foreign land, plus another blog focuses on her Philly homecoming. She’s also got some amazing pics on National, btw. She’s a busy chick, with her camera…

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She shared a funny observation when we met to discuss contributing with us:  “When I got home last November, it dawned on me that I hardly knew any of my East Falls neighbors the way I’d known so many people back in Nicaragua.” She found herself wondering who everyone was, which is how she came to ask us to introduce her to some local personalities, and she’d see what stories came of it.

Seems a writer’s curiosity — once unleashed by life-changing experiences — doesn’t settle back down so easily.  We’re sharing our best leads with Katherine, and she’s been off on recent adventures with local characters we’ll be featuring soon.

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Since she’s such a gifted photographer, too, we turned over our Instagram account to her dreamy compositions and quirky snaps of color from around our neighborhood. We’re thrilled to promote her until she’s onto the Bigger and Better Things she’s destined for.

Meanwhile, “Like,” “Share,” and “Comment” on Katherine’s East Falls images at  And read her introduction, in her own words, below.

EastFallsLocal Katherine with Carolyn Card Sutton

COMING SOON:  Katherine and The Hawk Stalker of East Falls… 

EastFallsLocal introducing Katherine

Hello East Falls Local readers! My name is Katherine Wzorek and I’m excited to be contributing to the East Falls Local!

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A little bit about me—I was born and raised in East Falls, and I’ve lived here for a good portion of my life. When I was 18, I moved to DC to go to school, and after I graduated, I went on to Nicaragua to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I’ve had quite a few adventures in my 24 years and I have loved exploring other cities and places. But, after a long respite, I am also happy to be back in Philadelphia, and in particular, East Falls!

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To me, East Falls has always been home, a familiar and beautiful place, a piece of tranquility in what is otherwise a very busy city. When you think about it, we really have the best of both worlds here- we’re technically still in Philadelphia and just a hop, skip, and jump away from the downtown hustle and bustle. At the same time, we also have a nice retreat, a quieter place with parks and local spunk.  East Falls is quirky, flavorful, and quaint. I’m excited to rediscover East Falls.

EastFallsLocal Katherine collage queen lane reservoir text

And I know that we here in East Falls have a lot of charm; it’s in the big red chili pepper that greets you on Midvale. It’s in the regular people who you see day in and day out, waiting for the train, walking their dogs, and getting together with neighbors. It’s in the town-wide support of events, both big and small. And, once you start to uncover all of these things, you start to realize that we have a wonderful community of neighbors with incredible stories to tell.

EastFallsLocal Katherine collage winter east falls text

And so, I’m hoping to tell some of these stories through the Local. I hope to contribute enlightening and interesting pieces about some of the interesting people that reside here in East Falls.

I also hope to slip in some of my own stories (and maybe I’ll even share with you some of my experiences in Nicaragua, if you would like). I tell most of my stories through photographs and small essays, and my goal is to capture East Falls in an authentic and creative way.

EastFallsLocal Katherine collage spring text

So, with that being said, keep a look out for my contributions, and, if you have an Instagram, feel free to give us a follow @eastfallslocal!



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