INTRODUCING: EFL’s New Wellness Expert (whoops nevermind)

Meet local resident, business owner & family man Dr. Thomas Caley of East Falls Chiropractic with healthy living tips & hacks for everyone. Oh well… turns out Dr. Tom wasn’t into sharing tips with us after all! Best wishes for a terrific local business, still. 

Eastfallslocal header for post Spinal Column septDr. Thomas Caley wants us all happy & healthy. He’s helped a lot of East Fallsers we know personally, so we’re psyched to feature his great advice online & here in our published Journals.  Instead of Dr. Caley’s “Spinal Column, we’re pleased to offer Dr. Ron Merriel’s “Health Matters” Q&A addressing local concerns. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Thomas Caley, owner of East Falls Chiropractic, and I’m excited to announce my new regular feature in East Falls Local, The Spinal Column.

As your neighbor, my number one goal is to promote health and wellness within our community. In my column, I’ll be sharing practical, effective health advice you can use every day, providing answers to questions such as:

What are good natural remedies for a cough? Which foods ward off colds and keep you in peak health? Is there a safer way to load your child’s backpack? How can a few simple exercises keep you flexible and help prevent injury?

But first a little background about me — I’m a graduate of SUNY Binghamton and have completed my chiropractic education at LIFE University.

For the past year, I’ve lived in East Falls and have enjoyed, meeting many of you already as neighbors and patients.

Eastfallslocal Tommy and family Spinal Column sept

Outside of my professional life, my hobbies include sports, particularly CrossFit, and the search for the perfect slice of pizza! With a new puppy and a child on the way, I’m excited for the future and look forward to sharing my expertise with you. I encourage you to stop by the office for health advice or just to say hello!

Check upcoming issues of EF Local for The Spinal Column, and in the meantime, visit our websiteFacebook page, and check out our blog!

Yours in Health,

Thomas Caley, DC

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