It’s a Guild. It’s a Gallery. It’s SHOPPING on CONRAD!


From now until 2016, Street and Curb on Conrad features hand-made art and gifts at prices you’ll fall in love with. Just in time for the Holidays.

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Retail returns to East Falls’ historic business corridor this season — special gifts for every budget in Street and Curb’s laid-back local venue.

Perhaps a little too laid back, some might argue — even owner Steve Carvelli admits his gallery’s hours have been sporadic, but he aims to change that with a new plan to expand from paintings & sculpture to include jewelry, glassware, antiques and found objects, plus photos and prints, as well:

“East Falls has nowhere to shop, really. But everyone’s an artist or a collector here, there’s a lot of great stuff sitting in people’s basements and workshops. Let’s get it out where people can appreciate it. And hopefully buy it.”

This Holiday season’s all about visiblity — looking forward to 2016, Steve’s integrating some co-working stations, and maybe a Keurig and some comfy furniture to encourage people to use Street and Curb as a neighborhood office and Etsy storefront.

The key, he feels, is creating a nimble space that adapts to different demos and events. A full-on art gallery in East Falls right now may be a tough sell, but he absolutely feels art has a place in his emerging enterprise, and he’s excited to see possibilities gelling.

Street and Curb’s new artistic direction takes inspiration from popular Center City boutiques like Show of Hands on Washington Square and Spirit of the Artist on Pine Street’s Antiques Row. Steve loves the idea of providing a place where East Falls artists and artisans can check out each other’s work, and talk business, too.

He’s still signing up new collections, so if you’re interested in showing here, email for an appointment.

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Meanwhile — please come! Planning this First Friday has been a team effort with Steve, plus connections from our friends from the Knotted Grotto (THANK YOU DAN & STEPHANIE!) to some very exciting local talent.

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
(Conrad and Sunnyside)

Eclectic mix of one-of-a-kind pieces, carefully curated and affordably priced.
FREE WINE (!) and all the slider sammies from Epicure you can eat.

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Bonus Points for Dressing Up:   Yeah it’s “only East Falls” but still. Break out the heels, the collared shirts, the false eyelashes if you’re feeling it. That hat you only wear for the mirror. We’ll be taking promotional photos all night for Social Media bursts and are looking for a few good hams & showoffs to soak up some spotlight.

Eastfallslocal carolyn face burst candids are the new selfies

Hope to see you there!

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