January 2020

Aggravated assault
33XX Krail St.
While attempting to separate a fight between two other parties, complainant was attacked by one of them. Offender struck the complainant in the head with a hammer and stabbed him in the right side of the chest. Compl was taken to the hospital and offender was arrested.

5500 Wissahickon Ave
Head of security at Alden Park was about to show apartment to prospective tenant when he found damage to doorknob lock and noticed top deadbolt lock had been changed on apartment door. Police were alerted. When they arrived and knocked on door, offender (57 year-old black male) answered and said he didn’t have to give any information to police because he is a Morozean American and United States law doesn’t apply to him. Male was placed under arrest.

4268 Ridge Ave
Complainant was pumping gas at the BP station. He left his wallet on top of the gas pump and when he went to retrieve the wallet it was gone. He also reported that $600 was withdrawn from his td bank checking account before he was able to cancel the cards. Value: $600

5720 Wissahickon Ave
Per Fire Marshal (FM) report, there was a small fire inside of the apartment building. the fire was started with a piece of paper and burned some of the carpet. The fire was extinguished by a resident. FM declared it arson

29XX West Queen Ln.
Complainant parked her 2000 gold Honda Accord parked in front of the listed location on 1/12. When she returned to vehicle at 8AM on 1/16 she noticed the catalytic converter had been removed from vehicle. Value: $1,200


3300 Henry Ave
Witness discovered $695 missing from company safe. The supervisor in charge of the safe was questioned about missing money and said he did not secure the safe regularly due to the need to open it multiple times a day. Value: $695

34XX Indian Queen Ln
Complainant left vehicle running at listed location to drop off passengers. When male was inside house two unknown people jumped inside car and sped off on towards Henry Ave. Male’s Ahzee Pak AK pistol, as well as luggage and a cellphone, were in vehicle. Value: $4000.

4055 Ridge Ave
Complainant parked her car on the third level of the parking garage. When she returned the next day she noticed that the sunroof was broken and the car had been rummaged through. Value: $350.

3301 Scotts Ln
Complainant police spoke with employees of business who stated they recognized the male walking in front of the establishment as the same one who was caught on video coming in the building through the emergency exit door and stole miscellaneous tools and copper pipes. Upon arrival, police confirmed positive ID and placed male in custody. Value: $6000

4055 Ridge Ave
Complainants parked their cars (2015 white Nissan and 2012 brown Chevy Malibu) in the parking garage at noon. When they returned at 9:30AM on 1/10, they noticed a white iPhone and charging port missing from the Nissan and an iPhone4 and Apple headphone missing from the Chevy. Value: $475. Doors were left unlocked in both vehicles.

29XX Woodpipe Ln
Complainant and her roommate left for spring break on 12/21/19 (returned on 1/5). While they were away, property manager called to say their apartment had been broken into. (Rear window was smashed). When they returned on 1/5, they noticed several items were missing: car keys, undergarments. portable charger, All Saint tote bag, Michael Kors clutch, $150, Rainbow sandals, Top Shop coats, hoodie, Apple pencil, Etsy gold necklace, toaster, Tiffany silver heart necklace, silver necklace with 5 pearls, sapphire and diamond earrings, necklace, pearl stud earrings, diamond and emerald earrings, fireworks brand earrings. Value: $5760

28XX West Queen Ln.
Complainant left his residence on 12/24/19 and when he returned on 1/4 at approximately 3AM he noticed several items missing: black school bag containing Beats headphones, silver Apple laptop, a 55” LG Smart TV, a lg sound bar with side woofer, a Sony DVD player, boots, clothes and a safe containing documents, certificates, credit cards and social security card. Value: $10,000

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