J&J is A-OK

One-and-done immunity is back, after CDC reinstates Johnson & Johnson vaccine use 

The day after our Red Carpet Vaccination Clinic, J&J announced they were voluntarily pausing distribution to investigate 6 cases of serious blood clots after more than 7.2 million doses. Their research uncovered 13 reported cases, proving the risk is extremely low.  No vaccines have been recalled or deemed unsafe – they can’t even prove if the vaccine is at fault.

However, this specific type of blood clot is not only rare but also quite dangerous if not properly treated. This pause gave J&J the opportunity to educate healthcare professionals and patients, alike, on life-saving protocols for this exceedingly uncommon side effect.

On Friday, April 23rd, J&J lifted their pause after the CDC declared their vaccine was safe for use (as did the European Medicines Agency earlier that week). Still, it’s important to stay alert for possible danger signs (particularly between one and three weeks after receiving the shot).

If you or someone you love has had the J&J vaccine, be on the lookout for:

Severe headache
Persistent pains in back, leg or abdomen
Shortness of breath
Leg swelling and/or tingling
Chest pain/tightness
Blurred vision
Tiny red spots/bruising under the skin beyond injection site

If any of these symptoms show up, seek medical assistance right away. IMPORTANT: Tell your clinician that you’ve had the J&J vaccine!

Treatment for vaccine-related blood clots differs from the standard care, so make sure every healthcare professional you encounter knows you are reporting J&J side effects.

Remember: COVID-19 itself causes these same deadly blood clots – about 39 patients per million. Compare that with the J&J vaccine, where the risk drops to less than 1 per million. Which sounds even safer when you consider for birth control pills that number is like 10,000 per million. This one-shot option for immunity is a valuable tool in the fight against coronavirus.

For more information, follow the CDC’s J&J page  (where you can register for email updates). If you have questions or would like to speak with someone about your vaccine (or sign up for our next vaccination event), please call 267-428-3520.

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