July 2018

3502 Scotts Ln.
Complainant last saw her vehicle outside of her apartment on 7/31. On 8/1 she noticed it was missing. Vehicle currently not registered due to compl. purchasing it through a private sale online (7/9/18). Value: $1000

7/30 (reported)
34XX Queen Ln. 
Complainant lodged complaint at 18th District station that 200 1-oz. silver ingots were taken on 6/18 from a file cabinet in his home. He said two other people also reside at listed location and that he was in a relationship with a female at the time of theft. Value: $3322

Aggravated assault
2967 Schoolhouse Ln.
Complainant states she and defendant were arguing about a report to DHS about def’s child. Compl took def’s drugs (crack) and flushed them down the toilet. Def hit compl with a small bat several times, pulled compl’s hair, kneed her in stomach. Def refused to get off of compl but eventually ran away. No report made yet due to compl not wanting to be a victim.

35XX New Queen St.
Complainant stated that offender (her boyfriend) had a verbal dispute and the offender grabbed her and threw her to the ground causing scratches to her back and abrasions to her right knee. Compl stated that offender then took her purse containing her ID and house keys and ran down the street to an unknown location. Police advised compl about protection from abuse orders. Compl refused to be transported to hospital. No arrest.

5450 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant parked and secured her 2015 Mercedes Benz on 7/23 at 7PM. When she returned on 7/24 at 7AM, she noticed her passenger side door open and window smashed out. Stolen items: iPhone 7, iPad mini, and black purse containing $700 cash. Value: $1,000

2967 W. School House Ln.
Complainant parked his rental vehicle at midnight. When he returned at 8AM, he noticed driver’s side window broken and several items missing (backpack, 2 laptops, wireless headphones, keys). Later, compl received a call from unknown male reporting finding compl’s business card and some of the stolen items in a trashcan at 1801 W. Hunting Park Ave. When compl arrived there, he was unable to locate the items. Value: $3350

5500 Wissahickon Ave.
Security guard parked golf cart outside apartment complex lobby and went inside for 5 minutes. When she returned, the cart was gone. Value: $4000

4055 Ridge Ave. 
Upon returning from 6 month trip to Japan, complainant discovered his custom fabricated mountain bike missing from location he had secured it. Value: $3000

5400 Wissahickon Ave. 
Unknown person(s) broke into complainant’s 2007 Jeep Rubicon by using unknown object to break the passenger side door handle. Offender stole the stereo system. Value: $850

2979 West Schoolhouse Ln. 
Complainant left for work and when he returned he discovered several items missing from his bedroom: $1,000 cash, carton of cigarettes, and a box of diapers. Value $1,000. No signs of forced entry. Compl’s brother has keys to property and was there with his girlfriend when compl left for work.

Attempted Burglary
37XX Merrick Rd.
Complainant left his apartment secured at 6PM. When he returned at 9PM, he discovered damage to his front door (but no access to the apartment). Video shows an unknown black male in a hoodie attempted to break in using a short crowbar.

2911 Woodpipe Ln. 
Unknown person stole complainant’s black BBQ grill from his yard.

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