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Hot weather is expected to continue into September — and that spells danger for dogs. A few tips from Dr. Patten, of Liberty Vet Clinic, for helping your pup keep cool.

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August was a hot month and we can probably expect a few more scorchers in early September! Keep in mind that dogs are very susceptible to heat stroke. Please be very careful when outside with your dog, even if the temps don’t hit the high 90s. Signs of heat stroke include excessive panting and drooling, restlessness, agitation, and an increased body temperature.

If you think your dog is getting overheated take a break and cool off in the shade. Provide plenty of fresh cold water. If your dog requires more cooling methods, you can soak your dog with a hose.

Most cases of heat stroke require immediate veterinary care. Heat stroke is an emergency situation in dogs and can lead to multiple organ dysfunction and even death. So please be cautious with your dogs in the heat – hopefully cool fall days are just around the corner!

PS And don’t forget that leaving your dog unattended in a car that’s moderately warm (70 degrees), even for just a few minutes, can be life threatening. Don’t assume that rolled-down windows will help, because heat won’t escape fast enough. Your best bet is to keep your pal indoors on hot days.

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New Team Member!
We are happy to announce that we now have extended hours to better serve our busy clients. We have also added a wonderful veterinarian to our team, Dr. Margeaux Firestine. Dr. Firestine graduated from University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School and has extensive experience in general practice and in emergency and critical care medicine. We welcome her into the LVC family. More about Dr. Firestine here.

Extended Hours:
Monday: Thursday 9am-7pm
Friday: 9am-1pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 9am-1pm

She and her husband, Bret Asbury (a law professor), moved to a twin on Fox Street in 2013 with their children Gus and Marlowe. She set up Liberty Vet Clinic in Roxborough soon after. More here.

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Dr. Patten, owner of Liberty Vet Clinic in Roxborough, has extensive experience in preventative care, dental procedures, emergency medicine, and soft tissue surgery. She lives on Fox Street in East Falls with her two sons.

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