That time PBS came out to do a show on us. 

We like to say our publication is a team effort but it’s more like a series of relays in different sports. People submit articles, sure, but lots of stories also come to us as interviews, videos, artwork – even fiction. Our job as editors-in-chief, as we see it, is to design all this great content for the printed page, to give readers the unique, “hyper-VOCAL experience” that has been our thing since we started The Local paper (as “East Falls Local”) in 2014.

We don’t have an editorial hierarchy so much as a process of discovery… It’s hard to explain, really. Which is why we were thrilled when the producers of WHYY’s popular show “Movers and Makers” on channel 12 contacted us about doing a segment on The Local.

We’re pumped to have the opportunity to see our operation through the eyes of public broadcasting professionals whose job it is to “explore all things art & culture in the Greater Philadelphia region.” (Who, us?!) The first thing we wanted to showcase: all our contributors, who allow us to create a new experience every month.

Karen Smyles interviews Local illustrator Sheria Gregory

We gave producers Karen Smyles and Naomi Brito a list of our top dozen contributors; from these, they chose two to feature alongside us in a six-minute piece about the newspaper. They also wanted to film us delivering to a local business – enter Barb Berman, owner/proprietor of Little White Dog doggie daycare in Roxborough.

Such a good sport! When we asked Barb if we could come by with some papers, she had no idea we were bringing a camera crew to film us from every angle in and out of her business. But she rolled with it – and even paused her day to play along with Milo, a photogenic and mannerly doodle who was only too happy to provide B-roll footage in exchange for treats. Thanks, Milo! (Barb, too.)

Naomi Brito talks to Barb Berman outside Little White Dog doggie Daycare
Fiction writer Andrew Jaromin reads his story “On Indian Queen Lane” while on IQL

And thanks to Karen and Naomi, and Dan the cameraman! And the crew – everyone was so nice, and also so proficient and professional. Somehow, we did not feel rushed at all and yet looking back, there wasn’t a moment of wasted time. Of course, that didn’t stop us from trying to document the experience, in our “Behind the Scenes” photos here.

Keep your eyes peeled for our episode (above)! We’re told we’ll probably be the last show of the season, which wraps in late April. Once it airs, we’ll update this post to include a link for viewing. Until then we’ll be waiting with bated breath for our documentary debut. We could not be more proud and honored to be spotlighted as Movers and Makers in Philadelphia – and curious!

Looking forward very much to this opportunity to step back with our readers and just… take it all in from a fresh perspective. We got our start as a neighborhood paper for the East Falls section of the city, but we’ve grown so much and in so many ways. We’re glad to take stock in who we are now, with an eye toward the future of grassroots news in Philadelphia (and beyond).

WATCH MOVERS & MAKERS on WHYY/Channel 12, Thursdays at 7:30pm
Explore our vibrant local arts scene & get to know creators making an impact in our community. Every episode takes you somewhere new, and tells stories you’ve never seen before. In their 4th season, so far this year they’ve covered a creative hub in Kensington, Kennett Square’s Underground Railroad history, the inspiring story behind the new exhibit “Pool” at the Fairmount Waterworks, and an in-depth look at the complicated issue of Frank Rizzo art in Philadelphia.

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