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On Valentine’s Day, R&B superstar Musiq Soulchild made his long-awaited return to his hometown of Philadelphia, accompanied by fellow Soul star Lyfe Jennings. The event, which took place at the legendary Met Theater, was a chance for POC to catch up with Lyfe behind the scenes to talk about his music and his deep respect and love for Musiq Soulchild as an artist and a man.

POC: Yep, yep to the yep, yep. It’s your girl POC, You already know what time it is. It is Valentine’s Day, we in the city of Philadelphia and I got the one and only Lyfe Jennings. How you feeling right now?

LJ: I’m feelin a little lit. Watching Musiq Soulchild, one of my favorite artists and one of the first artists that took me on tour with him. I wore his t-shirt and everything the first time we went out. I’m a fan man.

So this is a classic for you.

It was a reminder you know what I’m sayin? It was a goddam doppelganger.

I gotta aks you a really tough question — Do you ever feel like you the underdog of R&B? Cuz tonight you talked about like, I will never get my Verzuz and other stuff. What’re your thoughts about that?

I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be. I don’t question the universe because all I do is ask it. The way that they give it to me is not under my control and not under my understanding. So I just flow with what’s coming

You know some of the ladies gonna get at you for doing your hits. We was waiting for that.

There’s my wife. (Next to him on the couch) Look at that face. (She makes throat-cutting gesture)

All right, my last question for you. What’s coming up for you in 2022?

I’m gonna issue my first Six Pack with Amina Buddafly. Imma probly do my second Six Pack with me and Tank or somebody. I’m shooting the second part of my Lyfe story — we got the first part done. The second part they starting shooting in April. And me and my wife was just talking about me just doing an album like of remakes. Like Terence Trent D’Arby (Sananda Maitreya).


Yeah, but who knows man. I’m at a point right now, man we on our goddam slope.

Gotta stay locked. So shout yourself out. Tell the people where they can find you — social media, website, all that good stuff.

Just Lyfe Jennings. I ain’t really no social media dude like that. So if you look up Lyfe Jennings, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever it is, man I’m gonna be there doing some real shit. You know not making a whole bunch of noise but the right kind of noise.

What do you wanna tell the people in Philadelphia?

Just shout out. Y’all got a real legend out here with Musiq Soulchild man. Again, I can’t give that man enough homage. I remember the very first tour that he took me on bro. A lot of r&b artists don’t let anybody in competition but not this man. I was out touring, this was even before Must Be Nice came out. I sang Must Be Nice on the guitar and I looked to the right. Swear to God, Musiq Soulchild came down to hear me do my shit man. So I ain’t got nothing but love for that man.

I appreciate you

Philly is damn near like home to me, man. That’s where this shit started. That’s love man.

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