March 2021

Aggravated assault
Henry Ave. & West Queen Ln.
Complainant flagged down police at listed location and stated he was shot in right wrist by unknown offender. Compl was transported to hospital and treated for injuries. Also interviewed by NWDD but refused to make a statement. Offender description: 6′ 2″, medium brown complexion, driving black Jeep.

Theft (recovered/cleared)
35XX Cresson St. 
Complainant had reported 2011 Grand Cherokee missing – “towed by unknown person.” Detective Hammond contacted PPA and discovered that vehicle had been towed by PPA from listed address for parking violations. Compl retrieved his vehicle from PPA on 3/17 at 11AM but never notified police. Case cleared as “unfounded.”

5400 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant parked his 2010 and 2011 Ford F150 trucks at 4:05AM. He later saw offender on security cam entering unlocked 2011 truck and taking sunglasses and a pocket knife (value: $170). Offender also broke into 2010 truck through rear passenger side window and then ransacked the interior. (Nothing taken.) Offender was driving an older model gray Kia Sportage.

5450 Wissahickon Ave. 
Complainant states while delivering food for Uber at listed location, he left his black 2007 Acura TSX running as he made a delivery inside. When he stepped outside, he witnessed several offenders (six Black females, no further description) take off in the car. Compl. later found car (without the keys) at Wissahickon Ave and Midvale Ave. Nothing was taken from the car. Vehicle registered to compl’s mother at same listed address.

36XX Merrick Rd. 
Complainant parked her 2007 Honda Element at 9PM. When she returned at 12PM on 3/15, she noticed that the catalytic converter had been cut off. Value: $800

3500 Cresson St.
Complainant parked her 2007 Honda Element at 1AM. When she returned at 11AM, she noticed that the catalytic converter had been cut off. No cameras in the area of the vehicle. Value: $3000

3500 Indian Queen Ln.
Police responded to Temple for a report of robbery. Police spoke to compl. who stated an unknown offender approached him at the listed location and struck him several times with a black handgun, knocking him unconscious. Compl states offender took his cellphone, wallet, and $300 cash (value: $600). Medic 5 transported to Temple. Real Time Crime Ctr has multiple cameras along Indian Queen Lane.

Lincoln Drive and Rittenhouse Town Ln. 
Complainant left her vehicle parked at the listed location while she went for a hike with her fiance. Upon returning at 6:15PM she noticed her front passenger side window damaged and her iPhone7 and purse (with debit/credit cards, $430 cash) missing. Her Wells Fargo card was also used for multiple unauthorized charges. Value: $1200

3500 Cresson St. 
Complainant parked his car at 12:30AM. When he returned at 9AM, he noticed that the driver and passenger side front windows had been smashed and electronic cards were taken. Value: $50

4268 Ridge Ave. 
Complainant parked her 2012 Volkswagen at the gas pump, leaving it unlocked.
She entered the gas station store. When she returned to the car, she noticed her wallet and hat were missing. Value: $50

3545 New Queen St.
Complainant parked her black 2019 Subaru Outback at 10:30PM. When she returned on 3/12 at 8:14AM her vehicle was missing. Police checked tow file. Negative results. Value: $25,000

40XX Ridge Ave. 
Complainant said that while his former boyfriend was moving from the apartment they share, the former boyfriend took a MacBook laptop that does not belong to him. Value: $2,000

245 West Chelten Ave. (Office of the NW Local in Germantown)
Employee states that offender came into location and stated “I don’t support socialism” before removing a blackboard sign and leaving the scene. Value: $200 (Editor’s note: The “free food” sign was part of a food giveaway to under-resourced children in Germantown.)

3500 Henry Ave.
Complainant parked his 2013 Ford Explorer at 7PM. When he returned on 3/10 at 5:45AM he discovered that his rear hatch window was broken out and several items were missing. Police processed the scene with negative results. No cameras in the area. Items taken: power saw, power nailer, body harness, misc hand tools. Value: $1,000

3269 South Ferry Rd.
Complainant states that on 3/9, between 12pm and 1pm, unknown person(s) broke out both driver’s side windows of his 2013 black Honda Accord and took gym bag, boxing gloves, Apple watch and hand wrap (Value: $265). Negative on prints and no cameras in vicinity.

3/6 (reporting date)
5500 Wissahickon Ave. 
Complainant states that on 12/23/20 (at 12:13PM) his package was delivered by USPS to the mailroom of his apartment complex. The package, containing 540 Oxycontin pills, went missing. Value: $550

3300 Fox St.
Owner’s vehicle was broken down on Roosevelt Blvd. when an unknown tow company towed vehicle to Fox St. The tow truck left after moving the vehicle. Owner stayed with vehicle but eventually left the vehicle parked. When he returned, it was no longer there.

From the files of the 39th District. Special thanks to Captain Anthony Ginaldi and the dedicated officers of his command for making this section possible.

If you notice suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately. Also call the 39th district at 215-686-3390 and ask for the Crime Prevention Officer.

If you have security cameras, please register them with OPERATION SAFECAM – it’s a free service offered by the Police Department. Video captured by your camera may assist in the investigation of a crime.

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