May 2016

Aggravated Assault
35XX New Queen St.
Complainant witnessed offender rummaging through inside of Toyota RAV4. When compl confronted offender, offender lunged at compl with 5” knife with black handle, then made sweeping motions with blade at compl before running away. Offender was stopped a short distance away by police and positively identified. No injuries to compl and no damage to vehicle. Offender: Black female 16-20 years old

Forcible Entry/Assault
2979 West Schoolhouse Lane (apartment building)
Complainant states that offender broke through front door and started altercation during which he struck compl in the head with cellphone, causing bleeding from compl’s right eyebrow. Offender then held compl in bedroom, not allowing him to leave. Offender called compl’s mom and left when she arrived. Offender: 6’3”, 195 lbs, white t-shirt, pink swimming trunks, “RIP” tattoo on left forearm. Drugs suspected as cause of altercation.

28XX West Queen St. 
Complainant parked her car at 5PM on 5/24. When she returned at 9AM on 5/25, she found vehicle in disarray. Compl states she locked her vehicle but no evidence of forced entry. Stolen item: Cellphone charger Value: $15

34XX West Queen Lane
Unknown person(s) removed 32’ ladder from the top of complainant’s truck and took a toolbelt from the unsecured bed of the truck. Value: $199

33XX Ainslie Street
Complainant returned to his parked vehicle to discover it ransacked and his wallet missing (containing license, credit and debit cards). Car doors were unlocked. Value: $40

5500 Wissahickon Avenue (Alden Park apartments)
Between 8PM on 5/22 and 6:30AM on 5/23, unknown person(s) broke passenger side window of complainant’s 2010 Honda Civic and removed the airbag. Value: $500

2900 West Schoolhouse Lane and vicinity
Between 5:30PM and 7PM
Multiple Incidents

Complainant #1
Compl states that she parked her 2015 Honda Civic at location at 7PM. When she returned at 11AM on 5/22, she noticed the front passenger side window was smashed and the airbag removed from the steering wheel. Value: $1250

Complainant #2
Compl states that he parked his 2010 Honda Accord at location at 5:30PM. When he returned at 1:50PM on 5/22, he noticed the front driver side window was smashed and the airbag removed from the steering wheel. Value: $1000

Complainant #3
Compl states that between 5:30 – 5:45PM, unknown person(s) broke out the passenger side window of his 2014 Honda Accord and removed the airbags. Value: $1000

Complainant #4
Compl states that she parked his 2009 Honda Civic at location at 6:30PM. When she returned at 3PM on 5/22, she noticed the passenger side window was smashed and the airbag removed. Value: $1000

4500 Kelly Drive
Two Incidents
Complainant #1
Compl states that while running on Kelly Drive between 6:05 and 7:10PM, unknown person(s) broke the driver’s side rear window of his 2015 Mercedes, damaged the doorframe, and stole several items, including: 15” MacBook Pro, iPad, and Brooks Bros. briefcase. Value: $4400

Complainant #2
Compl also had unknown person(s) break window and doorframe (2015 Chrysler 200) while she was jogging. Items stolen: Guess purse and Chanel sunglasses. Value: $200

3300 Henry Avenue (Eastern University Academy Charter School)
Complainant states that offender (black male, 11-15 y.o.) asked her for her headphones. When she refused, offender asked “where do you want me to cut you?” and held a pocketknife to her leg. Compl notified principal and offender was arrested. Value of headphones: $15

41XX Ridge Avenue
Complainant requested that replacement iPhone (S6, 128GB) be delivered to his home by FedEx but, due to processing error, it was delivered to nearby address. Compl knocked on the door of that address to inquire about the package and was met by an unknown female who stated she didn’t have the package. When police arrived, female was gone. Phone not activated when delivered, so compl unable to track it. Value: $800

Robbery by handgun
Scotts Lane (at Route 1 overpass) 
Complainant states that offender approached him with black handgun and demanded his cellphone, which compl refused to do. Offender then struck compl on the head with the gun. Offender was last seen east on Scotts Lane.

The compl posted his experience on Facebook: Hi everyone! Please be alert and on the look out at about 5:50 to 6:10 as I was walking home from the train station, a young african american kid, about 5’7 – 5’9, came from behind, all dressed in black in a hoodie, with a goat tee, put a gun in front of me asking for my phone. I talked to him in order to distract him. He hit me on the head with the gun as he tried to intimidate me thinking I would give up my phone. I didn’t. This happened right on Scotts Lane right on the overpass above the highway. It appeared he was distracted by all the cars that were crossing, therefore putting the gun behind his back. I kept talking to him asking him, why are you doing this, etc. Too many cars kept passing and he just said “hey i’m kidding, it was all a prank, etc.” then he walked away, perhaps he was waiting for me to take a picture, yet I walked away as well and kept my cool. Apparently this guy was walking up and down Scotts Lane around Scott Mills, the park (McDevitt). Please watch your surroundings. I never expected this to happen during day light in East Falls. Take care.

3600 West Schoolhouse Lane (Ravenswood Apartments)
Unknown person(s) broke the front door lock of complainant’s apartment between 8:30AM and 6PM and stole an iMac laptop, iPad Mini, Amazon Fire tablet, 40” Toshiba television, and various gold and silver jewelry. Value: $7,000. Apartment complex has no camera surveillance inside or outside the building. Officers processing the scene discovered multiple latent prints.

Attempted Robbery
3600 West Schoolhouse Lane (Ravenswood Apartments)
Complainant left her residence at 10:30AM. When she returned at 5:30PM, she observed damage to the front door and frame. No entry to apartment because deadbolt prevented entry.

34XX Queen Lane
6:45 PM
Unknown person(s) removed license plate from complainant’s vehicle. Value: $40

Aggravated assault by handgun
3300 Lincoln Drive 
Complainant (Black male 68 years old) states that while driving offender (white male 31-35 y.o. in 2015 Toyota or VW) cut him off then pointed a black revolver at him and called him nigger several times.

34XX Conrad Street
Complainant observed 4-7 black juvenile males go into her vehicle and take her cellphone charger. Value: $25

Attempted burglary
5500 Wissahickon Avenue (Alden Park Apartments)
Complainant’s boyfriend (black male 26-30 y.o., 6’1” 160 pounds, blue hoodie, gray sweatpants and sneakers) got into the building (she doesn’t know how) and kicked in her apartment door, splitting it. Complainant’s friend struggled with offender. No injuries, nothing taken. Offender fled on foot in unknown direction.

5500 Wissahickon Avenue (Alden Park Apartments)
Complainant found basement storage room door open and the lock broken. Compl last checked her storage area two months ago. Multiple employees have access to basement area and storage rooms. Stolen items: Nikkormat camera body, Pentax camera body, Pentax 200MM zoom lens, Nikon 50MM lens, Pentax wide angle lens, fisheye lens, vintage pendulum wall clock, glassware, old work china, tax records, clothing, family photos, end table, wall décor, silver flatware. Value: $4900

4000 Gypsy Lane
Complainant was delivering food when offender confronted him, saying “run that” and pointed a black handgun at complainant’s chest. Offender then ordered him to empty his pockets and leave. Description: Black male, unknown age, 5’9” tall, dark complexion, bandanna covering face, black hoody sweatshirt and dark jeans. Stolen: White iPhone 5, $20 cash, and food order (12 shrimp and mussels with lobster tails) Value: $266.44

3502 Scotts Lane Bldg 17
Unknown male entered office and stole Apple laptop and iPhone 6. Description: Black male, 26-30 years old, 6 feet tall, medium complexion, tan hat, army fatigue jacket. Value: $1900

Theft from vehicle
28XX West Queen Lane
Unknown person(s) using unknown object broke front passenger side window of complainant’s vehicle between 8:30PM on 5/4 and 8:05AM on 5/5 and stole 10 CDs. Value: $200

Theft from vehicle
2967 West Schoolhouse Lane (Alden Park Apartments)
Unknown person(s) using unknown object broke front passenger side window of complainant’s vehicle between 5:30PM on 5/4 and 8AM on 5/5. Glove box and arm rest compartment of car were ransacked, nothing taken. Approximately $300 in damage to vehicle.

31XX Midvale Ave. 
Complainant parked his vehicle in front of his home at 7:30AM. When he left his home at 9:10AM it was missing. Value: $5000

3510 Scotts Lane 
Complainant parked motorcycle in back lot when he went to work. When he returned home it was missing. Value: $3000

3301 Scotts Lane 
Vehicle was parked in lot at listed location at 12AM. When complainant returned at 10:20PM on 5/3, it was missing. Value: $5,000

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