Moving Right Along — New Rivage Renderings

Good news for the Rivage project as David Grasso shares new renderings in advance of this month’s joint zoning meeting. Check it out!Rivage renderings.Kelly Drive.w Text

UPDATE (5/11): All renderings have now been added to the post.

After a few delays, the Rivage presentation is back on track with developer David Grasso scheduled to return on Wednesday May 18 to present to a joint East Falls Forward/EFCC zoning meeting. (7PM Downs Hall, PhilaU campus. Interactive map here

Grasso’s preliminary presentations last year generated overwhelming support, but also yielded plenty of inquiries about building details. Grasso’s team took the feedback and went to work fine-tuning their plan, which we’ve attached below.

One set of renderings, from Ridge Ave./Calumet were oddly a source of some not very polite suspicion by EFCC members at the Ridge Flats meeting in November of last year. (It was after all an informational meeting — no approvals were being sought.) Fortunately Grasso didn’t let the grousing interfere with his fastidious approach.

Now that all the drawings are in, let’s hope Grasso can finally move forward. A little history — the community has approved much larger buildings than this one in the past and surveys have repeatedly shown consistent support for a large, mixed-use development on the Rivage site (even the EFCC’s own survey last year showed 80% support).

For those who think this development is a sure thing, think again. The project could use your support at the 5/18 zoning meeting, because, you know, these people.

If you need a pep talk, check out the comments on this post from a local with a long memory.

Stay tuned to East Falls Local for the latest!

Aerial View of Existing Site

Rivage renderings.5.9.Aerial View Existing

Aerial View with Site FootprintRivage renderings.5.9.Aerial View Footprint

Bird’s Eye View (Looking North)Rivage renderings.5.9.Birdseye View Looking North

Perspective View from Ridge and Calumet

Rivage renderings.5.9.Perspective View Ridge Calumet

Living Wall Conceptual Drawing (from Kelly Drive)

Rivage renderings.Living Wall Concept Elevation

Roof Plan

Rivage renderings.5.9.Zoning Roof Plan

Cross Sections at Courtyard and Tiered Residences

Rivage renderings.5.9.Sections Courtyard and Tiered

Ground Level Plan

Rivage renderings.5.9.Ground Level Plan

Basement Parking Plan

Rivage renderings.5.9.Basement Parking Plans

Site Survey (Existing Conditions)

Rivage renderings.5.9.Site Survey Existing

To look at Grasso’s original PDF, click here.

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