Mo’ Mustache, Mo’ Money

This Fallser’s getting furrier for the month of “Movember,” raising funds and awareness for Men’s Health Issues.  Let’s get him to his goal! 


In his training as a volunteer firefighter in Colorado, John Cardenas was taught to rise to his best when people are having perhaps their worst day ever. But who saves the rescuers? “Our training does not prepare us to cope with the emotions after the fact,” he told us. So he’s growing a mustache this month for suicide prevention and mental health.

Cause it’s “Movember,” baby!


Ah, that hairy time of year where upper lips everywhere bloom with mouth brows, nose bugs, snot mops, flavor savers, face lace — whatever you call ’em, they remind us to schedule screenings or nudge the men in our lives to take advantage of preventative medicine and mental health support.

Guys like John around the world forsake razors from Nov 1st to 30th, and ask friends & neighbors for donations to help reduce the number of men dying prematurely of prostate & testicular cancers, and also suicide, which is the 2nd leading killer of men aged 15 – 34.  Indeed, a close friend’s brother was a recent casualty.


So John’s growing his ‘stache, hoping we can help him make it to his goal of $500 — doubled from last year. And his mustache is looking gooooooood…..

And it’s a bit of a tribute, as well, to his buddies back at the firehouse in Colorado, “My training chief and lieutenants had some of the best mustaches I’d ever seen. Many of these firefighters were also diagnosed with various types of cancer.”

“This is my second Movember — pretty sure it’s going to become my yearly tradition.”



  1. Donate to the Movember Foundation through John’s “Mo Space” page.
  2. Visit the Movember Foundation online to register your own mustache and learn about other ways to participate thru the year. (Girls, too!)


Stats: Married, father of two girls ages 2 & 3
Occupation: 3rd grade teacher in South Philly
Where in the Falls? Conrad Street “I can often enjoy the delicious smells of Murphy’s burgers on the grill — the Turf is my favorite, btw.”
Years in East Falls:  About a year and a half  (he moved here from CO in June 2016 so his wife could start law school at Penn)
Hobbies/Interests: “I’m lacking in the hobbies department but I’m great at changing diapers on the go, and quick trips to McDevitt with my two daughters and two dogs.”


So now that “Movember” is more than halfway done, how’s everyone digging his ‘stache? His toddler daughter enjoys combing it for him every morning, but the reaction at work has been mixed.

One student told him, “Tell your boss at the fire department to let you shave that again!” and the office manager is having trouble recognizing him with his new face fuzz.

For now, John’s just growing right along and hoping to make his goal of $200. If you can help him, stop by his Mo Space page to support his efforts for Men’s Health.





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