No Yews is Good Yews

McMichael’s War Memorial gets a $65,000+ facelift, including some drastic (and much-needed) landscaping.

Lookin’ good, McMichael! Next time you’re in the area, check out the corner of Henry & Coulter where East Falls’ 70ish-year-old War Memorial (erected in 1949) has begun repairs & restorations. Big thanks to Curtis Jones who provided $50,000 for the project, and then an additional $15,000 on top of that after estimates exceeded the original budget.

According to the Friends’ August newsletter, the War Memorial needs a good powerwash, plus repointing and masonry work. The cracked slates all need replacing. The inscription’s so faded it’s almost unreadable, and needs to be re-engraved. New flagpole, better lighting, And some drastic landscaping you may have already noticed!

With the big yews gone, the monument’s immediately more noticeable and also welcoming without all that dense, dark shrubbery hiding it. Now, the monument is fully clear for inspection and repairs!

Moving forward with even more pruning, most trees in the War Memorial’s vicinity will trimmed back big-time before the project is complete. The yews will not be replaced due to the costly upkeep and annual maintenance.

The area is now closed off, and will remain so for six to eight weeks for a full restoration. For more updates, follow The Friends of McMichael on Facebook.

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