October 2017


3505 Bowman St. 
Complainant noticed that cash was missing from her upstairs dresser at 2AM on 10/19 (reported incident on 10/29). She spoke w landlord who provided video from two security cameras showing offender entering residence and taking $577. Compl recognized offender as person who shows apartments for landlord so she thinks the person may have a key. Description: White female in her 30s, 5’3”, approximately 110 pounds, blonde hair.

4055 Ridge Ave. Apt 46XX
Complainant states he heard several loud knocks on his front door. When he approached the door, offender kicked it open and yelled “FBI! Get down on the ground and put your hands behind your back! Compl didn’t get a description of the offender, but his neighbor saw the offender flee from the building. Description: Black male, 26-30 years old, 5’11”, slim build, bright yellow hoodie with Champ’s World” written on it, tan hat, and blue jeans.

4055 Ridge Ave. Apt 46XX 
Complainant states that offender knocked on her door telling her to “Open up!” Offender tried to open door while compl yelled at him to go away and stated she was on the phone with police. Offender stopped. Description: Black male, 26-30 years old, 5’11”, slim build, bright yellow hoodie with Champ’s World” written on it, tan hat, and blue jeans.

5500 Wissahickon Ave. 
Complainant parked his vehicle at 6PM. When he returned on 10/29 at 6AM, he noticed his black backpack, which contained several items, was missing. No signs of forced entry. Stolen: Black Nike backpack, HP laptop, MacBook Air laptop, and iPhone 7. Value: $2000

2979 West Schoolhouse Ln.
Complainant locked her bike to bike rack in front of Kenilworth building at 3:30 on 10/28. When she returned at 6AM on 10/29, it was missing. Value: $650

Aggravated assault
3900 Henry Ave.
Complainant (black female, age 29) got into a dispute over a road rage incident with an unknown white male driving a white Dodge work van with PA plates. Male produced a black handgun and pointed it at the compl before fleeing southbound on Henry Ave. Police surveyed scene w negative results. Compl unable to go to police station because she was on the way to visit her daughter in the hospital.

34XX Indian Queen Ln.
Complainant arrived at residence (currently undergoing renovations) to discover several tools missing. Neighbor has video of person parking outside residence at 12:18 and entering the building. Scene checked for fingerprints – negative results. Police checking security cameras at Conrad/Indian Queen and Scotts/Indian Queen. Stolen: 2 flashlights, lantern, hammerdrill set, drill combo kit, sawdrill set kit, jigsaw, grinder, and other various tools and sets. Value: $4000

3700 Merrick Rd.
Complainant went out to dinner with his family and returned at 7PM to find damage to 1st floor door (and 2nd floor balcony door) around door frame but no entry gained. Damage to doors about $50.

4055 Ridge Ave.
Complainant states he was sitting in his car when two offenders approached him. Offender #1 said “Hey, I’m lost. Can you help me?” then pointed a black 9MM handgun at him and said “Give me everything you got” and “Don’t look at me.” Compl gave offender black Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and various credit cards. (Value: $600) Offender then asked for car keys but compl ignored her. Offender #2 said “I live here. I’m gonna know” before both offenders got into gray sedan and fled in unknown direction.

Descriptions: Offender #1 — Black female, 21-25 years old, 5’6”, thin build, mid-length hair, dark complexion, black tank top, tan capri pants. Offender #2 – Black male, 21-25 years old, 5’8”,  short hair, goatee, thin build, dark complexion, purple shirt, jeans (blue or gray)

4168 Ridge Ave. (A Plus station)
Owner of 2011 Toyota Tacoma went into store to purchase items. When he exited, an unknown male was driving his vehicle southbound on Ridge Ave. Complainant had left his keys in the vehicle. Value: $13,000

39XX Vaux St. 
Noon (on 9/21/17 – reported 10/18/17)
Compl states offender (compl’s home health aide) is prime suspect with unauthorized transaction using her Citi bank card for $732. Compl also said offender took $900 cash from her house. Offender worked for compl from 9/13 until 9/28. Value: $1632

5500 Wissahickon Ave. (Alden Park Apartments)
Complainant was at the gym of his apartment complex. When he returned from the shower, he noticed his wallet had been removed from his clothes and several credit cards, as well as $78 in cash, were missing. Value: $88

Aggravated assault
3749 Midvale Ave. (Falls Tap Room)
Complainant (owner) stated he and offender (female employee) were having an argument over business closing and payment due to offender when offender threw hot coffee at him, striking him in the face. No visible injuries. Compl did not press charges. Female released.

4300 Kelly Dr.
Unknown person(s) smashed front passenger window of complainant’s car between 10 and 11:30AM and stole her purse and credit cards. Value: $200

3269 S. Ferry Rd. (Trolley Car Café)
Police arrived to find front doors of café damaged and forced open. Several items tossed about the interior. Black safe was pulled down from a shelf but not opened. Nothing taken. Police discovered blue crowbar at the scene. Value: $4000

33XX West Penn St.
Complainant, mother of vehicle owner, states her son’s 2005 Jeep Liberty was taken. Her son parked vehicle in front of her house while away at college. Value: $4000

37XX East Falls Ln.
Unknown offender(s) took various items of clothing from complainant’s apartment. She stated no one has permission to enter the premises. No signs of forced entry. Value: $190

34XX West Coulter St.
Complainant discovered her grandchildren’s bikes missing from side porch of her property. She said she heard a commotion from the area at 12:45AM. No surveillance cameras. Stolen: Giant dark blue 18 speed and Specialized dark gray 18 speed bikes. Value: $1300

2991 W School House Ln.
Complainant was walking eastbound on Schoolhouse Ln when one of four offenders approached him from behind and hit him in the back of the head with a fist. Other offenders began hitting him, knocking him to the ground and stealing his iPhone6. Offenders then fled westbound. Police surveyed the area with compl, during which two of the offenders were identified and placed in custody.

5100 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant noticed her 2003 Mitsubishi Galant missing. Value: $3000

Aggravated assault
4168 Ridge Ave. (A Plus gas station)
Offender arrived at complainant’s work, walked into back storage area and began assaulting him with hands and feet. When compl attempted to restrain offender, she pulled a pair of scissors out of her hoodie pocket and began to swing them at compl. He disarmed offender and threw scissors away only to have offender kick, punch, and bite him. Offender then grabbed a knife from the sink area and attempted to stab compl. He suffered a cut hand and bruise on his right arm from bite. Compl transported to police station. No arrest.

31XX W. Coulter St.
Complainant left home at 9:10AM. When she returned at 1:35PM, she found the window on her front door open and a fireproof safe (containing documents) was missing. Front door glass was broken to unlock door. No security cameras. Value: $2500

4133 Ridge Ave.
Complainant, employee of East Falls Development Corp. arrived at location and noticed damage to front door around handle and lock. No entry was made. Door still able to lock.

5400 Wissahickon Ave.
Complainant parked his 2003 Kawasaki motorcycle at location at 8PM. When he returned at 9PM on 10/9, it was missing. Police checked tow file, negative results. Compl has only set of keys and said no one has permission to use it. Value: $2500



2979 W. Schoolhouse Ln. 


Complainant went to sleep with his tablet in his kitchen. When he awoke, it was gone. No signs of forced entry. Value: $200

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