Our Year in Review

A look back at the top Local stories of 2018. 

Thanks to our readers for another great year! Of the hundreds of posts we published in 2018, we tallied your clicks to find a nice mix of news, history, business and even humor rounding out the year’s Top 10 highest-hit stories here on EastFallsLocal.com.

#10 History Matters: Ladies First (April 30) – How women doctors in America – and the world – got their start in East Falls.  Joseph Minardi highlights the history of Women’s Medical College and the lives of some of the school’s stand-out graduates.

#9 Missed Connections (December 20) – Dr. Karl Von Lichtenhollen’s column of rapid-fire absurdities attract a loyal following.

#8 Move-In Day!!! (April 12) – A rough first encounter in the Falls for new neighbor Lara B. Sharp Lara’s hilariously personal account of her run-in with a new neighbor that kicks off some creative wi-fi naming.

#7 Sweet! (April 30) — A new “dessert studio” on Indian Queen? The Sugary takes a whisk in East Falls.

#6 Tapping Out (Nov 9 2017) – Falls Taproom has closed and the neighborhood is bummed (but not, evidently, all that surprised). People weren’t just clicking on new stories in 2018. This one from 2017 saw regular traffic all year long for some reason.

#5 History Matters: the Amazin’ Weightman (Sept 7 2017) – William Weightman made his name in the pharmaceutical game as the “Quinine King,” and left an indelible architectural legacy in East Falls and surrounding Philadelphia. Joseph Minardi weaves a fascinating story about the one-time owner of Ravenhill Mansion (now a part of Jefferson University’s East Falls campus).

#4 The Buzz at Wicked Bee Hollow (July 7, 2015) – Angry bees and sweet stuff at East Falls’ own apiary.  An oldie but a goodie! For this story, we basically walked across the street to our super-cool neighbor Tanya’s house. This October, she had so much extra honey she held a yard sale so we shared the link on East Falls Rants page.

#3 Into the Magic Shop (July 7, 2018) – With catchy lyrics and sharp social commentary, global pop sensation BTS finds a big fan in the Falls. Written by Carole Showell, about the group who “gives us the best of us” during a troubling time.

#2 Hello, Milo – (March 30) New vegetarian café and market on Conrad opening soon in East Falls. NEW! Read our full review of Milo Restaurant, with the latest pics and info.

And the number one highest-ranked post of 2018 is…

#1 Safety First, History Second – (May 31). Recap of an East Falls Forward meeting where EFDC’s former exec director explains there will be no Dance on the Falls Bridge Also shines light on a showdown brewing between Penn Charter & near neighbors over Timmons House (PC has since agreed not to demo the building).

What do you think of 2018’s top local stories — did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below, or email us your feedback and story tips for 2019. Thanks again for all your clicks, shares and likes that keep us working hard to inform and entertain you.

Here’s to an awesome New Year in NW Philly and the Falls!

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