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Thoughtful verses from a rocky trail in the Wissahickon.  

Image by Candice Price

Musings at Wissahickon Creek

Rock formations like naked bones of the earth.
The skull exposed bumpy and gnarled
no soil, no foliage
washed clean by the constant water
working a nerve like a mother’s nagging.

Out of a fissure cracked and spread by repeated rounds of
water, ice, melt
water, ice, melt
a sliver of space, where a single leaf has settled, decomposed,
leaves just enough soil to spark the life of a tiny seed.
It will squeeze forth.
Survival being of the utmost importance,
desperate for life,
it finds a way,
by any means necessary,
not to be outwitted by the lack of soil or space to spread.

Determined, the roots reach out of the sliver to grasp, with multi-fingered claws, the skull,
defying the laws of gravity and odds of life,
leans it’s body towards the sun until practically horizontal.

What’s your need for a spot in this world, Friend?
Is it worth it?

Candice Price has lived in Germantown all her life, where she developed a love for her community and its health. She’s an artist, garden designer, entrepreneur of 3 businesses including Persnickety Protein: a business she shares with her mother, Nancy Price, providing a delivery service of humanely raised and pastured animal products including raw dairy.

As the editor of the Germantown Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Newsletter, she has the chance not only to publish incredible pieces from her spiritual community she also writes editorials and creative pieces and is excited to extend that outlet to the East Falls Local. She also loves to care for and teach children of all ages for the last 25 years; 16 years at Germantown Meeting every Sunday morning.

Persnickety Protein
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5430 Wayne Avenue (19144)

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