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Working out the kinks with an East Falls chiropractor

EastFallsLocal.Moffitt Rebuild Collage

Funny how you never worry about things until they bother you. Volunteering to rebuild Colleen Moffitt’s house is immensely satisfying for the spirit, but not so much for the muscles, especially the day after the work.

So a kink in my shoulders recently got me thinking about some tips my wife picked up from her visit last winter to East Falls Chiropractic (EFC) on Conrad Street.

As a former yoga instructor, she’s curious about all things chi, energy, alignment, and finding your happy place through exercise and motion. Running into Tom Caley, the owner of EFC, one morning was the perfect opportunity to find out more about his practice.

We’d seen Tommy around the neighborhood and knew that he’s a big health advocate, but Carolyn really wanted to see his practice in action. Tommy was so happy to share, he took us through a session on his day off.

Eastfallslocal.Chico Collage2

Boy does he love what he does. An hour later, we’d gotten all sorts of tips about proper alignment, exercise, and nutrition (he even offered to accompany us to a farmer’s market to shop for produce!).

Eastfallslocal.Chiro Collage

It quickly became clear that Tommy isn’t just about physical adjustments or aligning vertebrae. He’s a believer in preventive medicine. (He’d rather see you learn healthy habits than fix you when you’ve already injured yourself.)

Eastfallslocal.Tommy bed stretch w Text.6.2

Most importantly, we came away from our visit with some great stretches for all sorts of issues, including shoulder kinks, which not only iron out the aches but can also keep you out of future trouble. So before I get back to the Moffitt rebuild*, I’ve got my plan, and the perfect place in East Falls to do it. (Notice the rookie pose — arms supporting my neck. Still feels damn good!)

5-30 Steve stretches by skew bridges chiropractic ducky.CROPPED

Love the air, water, and positive vibes along the Drive but, if you prefer a bit more privacy (and fewer odd looks), you can make this work on all sorts of flat surfaces at home. Or you can do your body a favor and stop into EFC for a visit with Tommy.

EastFallsLocal.Waiting Room


* Volunteers welcome!



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